Massive Collective Haul

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Warning: Very picture heavy & word filled.

Before anyone says anything about me spending a lot of money, I just want to say...I know. But then again this is a collective haul, from the last time I updated until pretty much the end of 2009 :P Also, for most of the makeup items I buy, they're money that I saved up from either Chinese New Year or my lunch money. Most skincare items, my parents (who spoil me >__>) purchase for me because they know I've been very annoyed by my skin problems. And, some of the other items were things my Aunt or Uncle got me and I consider them to be Christmas gifts, even though they didn't say so. (I said I'd pay for them, but they said "Don't be silly, I'm your uncle/aunt, I'll pay for it.)

I haven't come across this problem yet, but just in case so I don't have to say this many times it'll be my own little disclaimer (I guess).

------Haul Begins (Most of these are in order of how I got them------

"Kobayashi" BIF Night Sheet
(This is what it says on the table that's on the back of the box, it's the only thing that has english on it :X)
Oh, I got this at an Asian pharmacy in a Chinese neighborhood (8th avenue, if anybody lives in NY or wants to know :P)

L to R: Nexcare Acne Dressing, Nexcare Acne Dressing - Cute Shape, TFS Peeling Day - White Jewel, Shiseido Super Mild Bodysoap (I'm not sure of the official name because it's all in Japanese)
These were all from my aunt. ^__^ She spoils me. The Nexcare Acne Dressings, I asked her if she could order it from but she asked her boss to get them for me on his business trip to HK. (Now that I think of it, I feel bad because it must have been weird for him :X) TFS Peeling Day was bought at the TFS store in the city. She got one for herself as well. And I'm not too sure on where she got the body wash. Maybe from an Asian pharmacy?

NARIS UP Eggshell & Charcoal Mask
I found a couple of Asian pharmacies on 8th avenue that sells these. I was so happy when I saw it and immediately asked my mom if I could get it :) But...I think my pain tolerance is very low, it hurt a lot when I went to peel this sucker off. I've only used it once and can't bring myself to try it again! Going to put this on my to-do list of 2010!

L to R: TRIM buffing block & Essie Looking for Love
I bought this when a Beauty Supply store in my neighborhood opened up. I remember seeing um Moonbeanstarlight use a similar one buffing block in one of her nail tutorials and I thought it was cool :)

Origins Spot Remover Acne blemish treatment gel
I got this after A Beautiful Sentiment recommended it. It wasn't that expensive (IMO). My first Origins product, I love the scent in their store (I went to the one in Soho).

Costco Kirkland Signature Borghese Brush Set
A lot of people were talking about it & I was so excited to see this at the Costco I go to with my family. I went with my uncle & it was kind of embarrassing getting this with him because honestly, I don't tell my family members that I'm starting to be interested in makeup :X Anyways, like I said before I brought money and everything and was going to pay him back, but in the end he bought it for me. I felt bad so I bought a present for his daughter (my first female baby cousin :P) a nice gift for Christmas.

L to R: TBS Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion, TBS Vitamin E Eye Cream, TBS Facial Brush, NYX Girls Gloss in Baby Pink
The makeup/skincare part of my Black Friday haul :) I usually buy clothes on Black Friday, this is the first year I bought makeup/skincare. It's also my first time buying The Body Shop and NYX products. (I bought the lip gloss at the Beauty Supply store I mentioned earlier, if anyone would like to know the address please comment below)

L to R: Laneige Star White Multiprotector SPF 40/PA+++, Banila Co. let me Bebe naked BB Cream SPF 37/PA++ 4x, a Gift set that came as a freebie.
All these were bought from a soompi shop. Since she lives in NYC, I met up with her (save some shipping money). I've been eyeballing the sunscreen since she first put it up on her shop. And when she had a special going on (even though the item itself wasn't discounted) I really wanted to get it, I'm also running out (or I thought I was) of my current sunscreen from Lioele. To be completely honest, I think that the Banila Co. bb cream was part of the freebie samples that came from my Gmarket order (I bought my Banila Co. primer from her as well) but oh wells, I really wanted to try it. Curiosity is draining away my money!

Inside the gift set :)
Top L to R: TFS Soap (?), Sugar fake lashes in Flirt
Bottom L to R: Missha Hydrating Toner & Emulsion

L to R: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Love, Givenchy Very Irresistible Givenchy (my first 100 points exchange), Stila Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer (in little pot, not sure what shade though), a sample of D&G Light Blue
I went to Sephora and came out with what I wanted! :) My first fragrance. I took advantage of the B.I. $15 off coupon. It was too good to pass up, but this was more of a splurge because all I usually use is body spray/mist. Can't wait to use them. ^__^ Has anyone ever used this fragrance before?

Softlips Vanilla lip protectant/sunscreen with SPF 20
I asked my mom to get these for me after I finally finished my Carmax lip balm. A lot of people raved about these and I wanted to try it again after so many years (I got these as a kid, but I always lost them :X I don't think I'm going to use the second tube (I like to try new things & it's taking a long time to use the current one.)

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer
I asked my dad if I could get this. My face has been breaking out all over the place & I wanted to try this since it has salicylic acid in it. And I haven't finished my SkinFood emulsion get, so I didn't want to try out whole regime sets (like the Clinique 3-step).

MAC TLC Popster & Freebie Japanese Candies :)
I was so happy to see this go in one of the soompi shops. I've been wanting a TLC but didn't know what to get & I missed the whole Hello Kitty collection because my interesting for makeup/skincare started after it came out >__<

L to R: Kose Cosmeport Moisture Mild PURE Lotion-L, My Beauty Diary Best Sellers (7 masks), Kanebo Kracie Naive Deep Cleansing Foam - Green Tea
I asked my dad if I could purchase these only because I ran out of my current toner (that my aunt got me & I don't want to ask her for more because I feel really bad that I'm asking her for so many skincare things) & I completely finished my cleanser which was really drying out my skin because of the winter weather. Who doesn't love masks, plus it was a set of 7 for $10 I couldn't resist :X It's not as cheap as if I were to buy it in HK/Taiwan/etc., but it's pretty low compared to other stores that sell these masks by where I live.

Queen Helene Mint Julepe Mask & Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original
Once again, I bought these at the Beauty Supply store in my neighborhood. I'm beginning to love that place ^__^ I was hesitant on whether to buy the Mask or not because I dislike mint with passion :X I got it anyway because I'm kind of desperate and would try almost anything to clear up my skin. I've also been looking for dry shampoo everywhere! I found a hair supply store (I think) on Broadway in the city that sold it, but didn't get it then (glad I didn't then). Now I have easy access to it, let's just hope this store has a lot of business ^__^ Oh, I asked my mom if I could get these too :P (I'm very spoiled. But I don't think I'd be this spoiled if I started to work :X)

L to R: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel & NARS Duo Concealer in Custard & Ginger
I bought this 2 days ago when I went into the city for a doctor's appointment. I'm running out on the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (one of my aunts got this when the department stores were giving away products because of a cash settlement) and only put it to good use this winter when my skin got very dry and flaky :X Winter only started a while ago, so I needed to get another moisturizing product to last the next couple of months. I would have gotten another moisture surge if it so expensive. If only Clinique sold a small size of the moisture surge...Anyways, how can anyone give up the Good buy 2009 deals? It was way too tempting. And the description "for light to medium complexions" made me want to get it even more. I think the sale might be ending today...since it's New Year's Eve, last day of 2009 :\

L to R: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in #2, Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream SPF40/PA++ Shade #2, SkinFood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream #2 (orange top), SkinFood Salmon Darkcircle Powder (green top) *The little bottles are freebie samples I got*
The soompi seller was having a special for this specific batch (free shipping & freebie samples). I couldn't bring myself to pass up this special offer. I know my self-control terrible :X (Must change in 2010!) I've heard raves of those two bb creams. Even though my skin is combination oily, I went with #2 (for etude house bb cream) because it's darker in color, people said #1 (for oily skin) is like paper white..yikes. Muse & a handful + some more bloggers raved about the SkinFood salmon concealers and I had to get it. My under eye circles are getting darker and darker (need to change my sleeping habits!)

L to R: ELF Studio Complexion Perfection, EDM Long Handled Kabuki, EDM Flat Top Brush
Top Right: EDM Large Mixing Jar
Been wanting these for a long time. I think it'll be the last of the brushes I'm going to get for a LONG while. Until I get a job and save up some money..then I might invest in a couple of MAC or Sigma brushes (mostly face brushes).

------End of Haul post------

That was long, thanks if you went through all of that. ^__^ This is more of a log for myself to keep up with what I buy, what I asked for, what I get, etc.


Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ^__^
Hope everyone's holiday wishes are all fulfilled!

Sorry I've been MIA and haven't posted in forever, but school took over my life & I've been procrastinating :X But I'm going to try and post up my huge collective haul and maybe put up one or two reviews (hopefully) during this winter break now that I have some time :)