Restaurant Week | David Burke Kitchen

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I don't know why but I have always had the notion that Restaurant Week would be too fancy for me to experience. When Bestie C asked if I wanted to go to a participating restaurant last week, I was intrigued but a bit hesitant. (But really more the former than the latter.) The $25 price tag pretty much sealed the deal. Still pricey? Yes but when comparing it to the restaurants' usual pricing, $25 for a 3 course pre-fix meal is a darn good deal. When else will I get to try these types of foods right?

David Burke Kitchen was Bestie C's pick. It's located at what seems like the edge of Soho in a quiet area that is a quick walk away if you're already near Soho. The restaurant itself was pretty big with various table sizes to fit big and small parties alike. We were seated at one of the smaller, more intimate tables since it was just the two of us.

Restaurant Week, Restaurant Week 2015, David Burke Kitchen
Grapes & Vinegar-y carrots
Restaurant Week, Restaurant Week 2015, David Burke Kitchen, appetizer, Lobster Dumpling Soup
Lobster Dumpling Soup
Restaurant Week, Restaurant Week 2015, David Burke Kitchen, entree, Hanger Steak Frites
Hanger Steak Frites
Restaurant Week, Restaurant Week 2015, David Burke Kitchen, dessert, Mocha Mousse Bar
Mocha Mousse Bar (& Toasted Coconut Tart in background)
If I am to be honest, I had somewhat high expectations. Restaurant week, fancy place (in my books), and great food were three things that automatically linked in my brain. Question now is did this meal disappoint? Mostly no.

The highlights for me were the appetizer and desserts. The Lobster Dumpling Soup was light but flavorful and both desserts were indulgent and delicious. Bestie C and I both agreed that the Mocha Mousse Bar was the better of the two, but I also really liked the Toasted Coconut Tart if it was sans the pineapple garnish. My entree of Hanger Steak Frites was just alright (additional cost to the $25 for this particular entree). The flavor was definitely there. The steak bit was too tough and chewy for medium cooked beef. Of the entree, the thicker cut fries were my favorite—crispy yet soft and well seasoned. I like the sweets we had so much that I would probably want to visit David Burke Kitchen just for it!

I think this coming week is the last official week of Restaurant Week - Winter 2015 edition. There is an overwhelming number of restaurants throughout NYC that are offering $25 lunch and $38 dinner menus. This may sound crazy but Bestie C and I've already got 2 more places we're planning to go to before the week is over. Hello more consistent workouts for the next bajillion weeks!

Has anyone been to a restaurant week before?
Any gem finds that I should add to my To Try list for the future?