Hada Labo Craze (Partially) Fulfilled

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Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Face Wash

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ Gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt & oil trapped within pores
✻ Polishes away dullness & refines skin's texture for visibly clear, smooth & radiant skin
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant
*This product is recommended to be used with a sunscreen product.

Places to purchase:Sasa
Try your local Asian beauty store.

Packaging:Very standard cleanser package. Nothing much to complain about. It has the same problem that most tube cleansers have, getting all the product out. I'm probably going to have to cut it in have to finish all of it :P

Directions:✻ (Website) Use twice a day. Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm. Lather with water and massage onto face, using gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
✻ When I first started to use this cleanser, I only used it at night. Then every once in a while I'd use it both day and night. I always put sunscreen on anyways so I didn't notice any sensitivity...but then again the damage is probably on the microscopic level so I can't see it (yet). I found that using this with a foaming net was the best. It creates a very nice dense foam that makes it easier to massage around my face. When I foam it with my hands the foam is rather flat (but this is the same for most manual/hand foaming cleansers). I didn't know that Hada Labo recommends a specific way to massage my face...if you're interested click HERE (image is a screenshot from the Hada Labo SG website).

Positives:-Makes my skin feel very soft and smooth
-Doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry...definitely a first!
-Retail price isn't very expensive
-It seems to help control my acne but doesn't stop the acne from forming all together. Ever since I've used this my cheeks and forehead have had a significantly less amount of acne whereas my nose and chin area still have the occasionally breakouts. If I don't pick at it and such...they tend to go away quickly (without using any other acne treating products)

Negatives:-Hard to get outside of asia..particularly this specific cleanser. I've seen a lot of the Hyaluronic Acid Cleansers (regular and light versions) and sometimes even the self-foaming version of the Tamagohada Cleanser, but this particular one rarely pops up in the beauty stores in NYC
-Prices can be marked up in stores outside of Asia (Close to double)
-I didn't see too much change with my pores...that was a little disappointing.

Repurchse? Yes! But not right now...Have a lot of cleansers to finish. I'd definitely want to get a backup of this though if I have the chance to.

Recommend? Yes


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Wash

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ Hydrates as it cleanses. Helps restore and preserve skin's natural moisture, leaving it silky smooth
✻ Gently cleanses leaving skin comfortably hydrated and refreshed
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Places to Purchase:
Try your local Asian beauty store

It is made out of a rubbery kind of plastic. Very bendable so it's much easier to squeeze the last bits out compared to the Tamagohada tube.

Directions:✻ (Website) Use twice a day. Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm. Lather with water and massage onto face. Using gentle circular motion. Rinse throughly with lukewarm water.
✻ I typically use the same amount as shown in the photo, give or take a bit. I foam it with the face nets and massage the foam around before I rinse it off with water.

-Cleanses well, but is a gentle cleanser so it got a while for me to get use it.
-Did not dry my skin out or make it tight!
-Isn't expensive

-Although it is a 'hydrating' cleanser, I don't think it stays in long enough for my skin to benefit from those properties...at most it just doesn't make my face dried out after using it.

Repurchase? Maybe. If I'm in need of a gentler cleanser yes. But I'm still looking for an HG cleanser that'll also help with my acne.

Recommend? To those who want something not as harsh. But between this and the Tamagohada one, I'd choose the latter.


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ For heavy make up & water-proof mascara
✻ Formulated with high purity Olive Oil to deep clean and gently remove dirt, excessive oil and stubborn makeup instantly
✻ High cleansing ability even for water-proof mascara
✻ Gentle to your delicate eye area and eye lashes
✻ Enhanced with Super Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and maintain
✻ It is water-soluable, does not leave unpleasant greasy feeling
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Places to Purchase:
Try your local Asian beauty store

Directions:✻ (Website) Keep your hands and face dry. Pump sufficient cleansing oil onto your palm and gently massage onto your face and eye area. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil. Rinse thoroughly with water.
✻ I use 1 pump when I'm wearing light makeup (powder & blush) and 2 for anything heavier. It is more than enough with 2 pumps to easily massage around my face.

-This cleanser lasted the longest before it finally ended up making my face tight & dry after using it. I remember I was so excited in the beginning because it didn't dry me out. Then somewhere along the line I think my skin got use to it...*sigh
-It removes makeup well. I don't know how it fairs against waterproof makeup since I don't wear that.
-Isn't hard to rinse off & doesn't leave an oily film.
-Doesn't contain any added color, fragrance, or mineral oil!

Negatives:-Difficult to get, but more and more online shops carry this now.
-It leaves my eyes a bit cloudy after using it.

Repurchase? Probably not. There are still many cleansing oils out there that I haven't tried yet. If my skin didn't get use to it, the chances of me repurchasing this would have been a lot higher...However! If I really have tried many cleansing oils and my skin suffers the same fate for all, I'd probably come back to this one just because it doesn't have any excess additives.

Recommend? Maybe. I think this tight & dry problem I'm having with cleansing products is just my skin...nothing seems to really work. Other than that point, this cleansing oil wasn't too bad. Worth a try if you have the opportunity to try it.


Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its optimum
✻ Replenishes and locks-in moisture for complete hydration. Skin feels significantly soft and supple
✻ Helps improve dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it silky smooth
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Places to purchase:Sasa
Try your local Asian beauty store.

There are also refill packages available! However, I've only seen those available on imomoko.

Packaging:For the type of product and way we're suppose to apply it, the package is great! You can easily pour the product out drop by drop. Have lots of control!

Directions:✻ (Website) Use twice a day after cleansing face. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.
✻ When I first got it, I didn't know how to read the instructions. I tried to use 1 drop because of the "1 drops locks the ocean" advertisement/marketing. I felt that it wasn't enough for me, so I upped it to about 3-5 drops depending on how I felt. Most of the time I use about 5 drops (especially in the colder months). I'd rub my hands together to spread the product out and then pat my face. A lot of people said it was sticky and I totally agree, but I found that if I spend just a little more time patting the product in the sticky feeling goes away.

Positives:-One bottle lasted me a LONG time, I don't remember exactly but I think it was well over 6 months.
-It has multiple uses (toner, maybe a lotion for those with very oily skin but don't take my word for it hehe, mask...using the layered cotton pads or the compressed masks)
-Keeps my face very moist and hydrated. My cheeks have the bouncy feeling whenever I use it. I think this, along with the H2O+ products I used last winter, really helped save me during the cold and allergy seasons.
-Isn't too expensive, if you can get it at the retail place. However, I've seen stores in NYC sell this for up to $22 dollars! =.=
-No extra nonsense (alcohol, color, etc.)

Cons:-Difficult to get outside of asia. Now that it's become so popular this isn't too much of a problem (at least in the Asian heavy neighborhoods here in NYC) The bigger problem is the ridiculous price increase.
-It isn't difficult for me to find, but for people living in not asian heavy communities...it'll be more difficult. Online shopping is your best friend! :P
-Leaves hands a bit sticky because you have to pat it onto the skin, nothing a little tissue or handwashing can't fix. But as mentioned before if you pat a little longer it isn't too big of a problem.

Repurchase? Yes. But right not now since I've recently bought a new toner and have a set of hyaluronic acid serums I can use. Also as weird as this may sound, I've missed using a toner that I can wipe :X

Recommend? Yes!


Hada Labo Shirojun Arbutin Whitening Lotion

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ Contains Arbutin to fight dark spots. Smooths & clarifies to optimize skin's radiance & translucency
✻ Vitamin C helps skin recover from acculumated sun damage while reducing the appearance of dark spots to give clearer, fairer skin
✻ Contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate intensely, keeping skin soft & supple
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Places to purchase:Imomoko (sells it in a set with the Milky Lotion & individually)
Try your local Asian beauty store.

There are also refill packages available! However, I've only seen those available on imomoko.

Packaging:Again, the package is great! There is so much control and you can get it drop by drop. I was a bit OCD and always counted how many drops I used :X

Directions:✻ (Website) Use twice a day after cleansing face. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.
✻ I tried this after using the Hyaluronic Acid version for a while so I knew better & how much to use, ~5 drops. The texture and feel is very similar to the Hyaluronic Acid toner. The only differences are 1) this whitening toner felt a bit liquidy in consistency 2) it was not as sticky as the Hyaluronic Acid toner. But if I don't pat enough, it'll still leave a stickiness on my hands. So if anyone gets this...make sure you pat pat pat!!

-Hydrates my skin well. But definitely not as much as the Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion does.
-I've only used this together with the Milky Lotion so I can't say how it will fair when used alone. But the set does make my skin look and bit brighter than usual. It helps a with my acne scarring, but not all.
-This could probably be used for a mask as well (I haven't tried it though).
-No unnecessary ingredients add!
-Lasts a long time

-Is not hydrating enough for the winter time. Especially when I rub my nose a lot and it's all cracked...

Repurchase? No. It was great while it lasted. But nothing really special makes me want to buy it again.

Recommend? Maybe. Try to look for the mini set! I've seen those around youtube and blogger a few times. Good way to try it without the big commitment of the full bottle :P


Hada Labo Shirojun Arbutin Whitening Milky Lotion

Product Description/Claims (from Hada Labo SG's website):✻ Contains Arbutin to fight dark spots & re-balance skin tone for visibly fair & radiant skin
✻ Enhanced with Vitamin C for a more uniform skin tone & reawakens the appearance of dull skin caused by UV rays
✻ Preserves skin's natural moisture. Smoothes & clarifies to optimize skin's translucency
✻ Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
✻ Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Places to purchase:Imomoko (sells it in a set with the Lotion & individually)
Try your local Asian beauty store.

There are also refill packages available! However, I've only seen those available on imomoko.

Packaging:The package is the same as the toner, but this one is a bit shorter and contains a little less product. I didn't particular like or hate it. It's just ok. The product flows out of the bottle pretty well since the lotion is pretty liquidy. However, sometimes it creates this weird crust at the top of the cap when the product dries there. Bugged me a lot :X But that could just be me hehe When I got to the very last bit, it became a difficult to get the product out, especially with the cap on. I have to stand with the bottle upside-down for quite a while before the product drips out.

Directions:✻ (Website) Use twice a day after applying Whitening Lotion. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.
✻ I applied this in a similar way to how I applied the toners. It is harder to control how much of this lotion comes out of the bottle because the opening is much bigger and the consistent of this is a bit runnier. I just eyeball a quarter-size amount onto my hand, rub my hands together, and pat it onto my face until my skin absorbs it all.

-Very light. Didn't break me out or clog my pores.
-Similar to the lotion. My skin felt brighter when I used it but nothing dramatic. My acne scarring did seem to go down.
-This was enough moisture for my skin in the summer.

-The size is a little smaller than the lotion which I felt was strange.
-Difficult to get all the product out when you get towards the last few uses.
-Once the cooler winter came and my nose became cracked and dry from rubbing it too much, this just wasn't enough.

The whitening line just didn't wow me.

Repurchase? Nope.

Recommend? Maybe. Again, try to look for the mini set! This would probably be better for those who don't live in dry places or when the weather isn't as dry.


Now with all that said, I love Hada Labo as a brand. Especially because they don't add the bad stuff in. Always good to steer away from those as much as we can. Also there are some pretty good products...granted I have tried all of them (but will, hence "partially fulfilled craze").

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the brand or any of the websites that I've shared. These are just how the products worked for me and my opinions. If you tried it any the product had bad effects on you, I'm sorry! But everyone's skin is different...to each their own! >__<;;


Pop! Pop! Pop!

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Nothing acne related here, just some random shots I took when my brother agreed to help me take pictures.
At first he didn't agree to it. But he ended up having a little too much fun making bubbles :P


Swatch: Hello Kitty Blueberry

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The first polish that I bought from Sephora...Blueberry from the Hello Kitty polish line.
This is one of the few blues that I own and feel comfortable wearing.

Sephora describes this as an "opaque pastel periwinkle blue".

One layer! Pretty sheer and applies spotty...But surprisingly it was VERY easy to apply.

Two layers & Much better!
But as you may (or may not) see on my pinky, a little of my nail & some of its ridges still peeked through. I was still satisfied with this, but you can easily go with 3 layers. If I remember correctly, this polish tried pretty quickly as well.

2 layers...Natural Lighting + Flash

2 layers...Natural Lighting + No Flash

On separate occasion, I wore:
2 layers of Blueberry + 1 layer of OPI Last Friday Night ... Artificial Lighting + Flash
Ahh! Look what happened to the polish. This was from a long time ago, but the whole piece of nailpolish came off from almost every nail! I don't know if it's my Top Coat or Last Friday Night but this has never happened with any of my mani's before...Not with Blueberry alone, not with Essie Good to Go top coat...never! There's always the usual & gradual chipping, but nothing like this :O


First Collective Haul of the New Year! ~

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Darn!!! I took soo long to type up this post and blogger didn't actually save any of it...This is the first time this has ever happened. Why would it say Saving... periodically if it doesn't actually save?! All my hard work =.=

----------Rant Over----------

The first haul of 2012 and it's already filled with many many products! I've bought enough products to last me at least half a year to even a year! I think I need to limit myself a lot or ban me from buying altogether :X

Warning: Picture heavy post ahead!

Dove Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth Deodorant & Lush Butterball
I don’t usually post the deodorants I buy but this is the first clinical strength deodorant that I’m trying. In addition it claims to minimize hair overtime. I’ve used this for a little while and I actually prefer this deodorant over the regular stick ones. I can’t really tell how well the hair reducing properties work as of yet but I’ll keep an eye out!

Butterball is the first bath bomb I tried. I actually split this in half and let my brother use it as well. It was fun watching it fizz and disintegrate! It lets out small soap like particles that looked like butter. I do not know if it’s actually butter pieces or if its soap but it does melt away. While I was in the water my skin felt very soft. The feeling doesn’t last too long…to much of my disappointment. I will probably try other bath bombs in the future though! Maybe the others will be different?

Bestfriend had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong during the winter break. She offered to help me purchase some things. I felt bad since I had a pretty long list =X All of these were bought from Sasa HK. I wish Canmake and Kate products were available on their online store. Now if only I had the Kate foundation case…

Biore Acne Mild Care Oil Control Facial Foam & Canmake Cheek&Cheek in Candy Flower
I’ve been eyeing this cleanser ever since bubzbeauty mentioned this in one of her videos. I haven’t used this yet but I noticed that one of the active acne-fighting ingredients was Triclosan. I’ve never actually seen an anti-acne product use this. However, I know its in anti-bacterial hand soaps (the ones that I have an home at least have it). But the percentage on this cleanser is 0.1% while on hand soaps were a little higher (I think 0.2%?).

My second Canmake blush! I’ve got to say it lives up to the reviews. It’s very soft and easy to apply. The color is also great. The only thing I wished was it was bigger because most of my blush brushes are bigger than the actual product itself. If I had the chance I would definitely try to collect the other shades as well! :]

Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation in Shade 02
Why do these type of powder foundations appear mostly in Asia? It’s great how we can buy refills! The packaging is bigger than usual but it has its advantages. I’ve been using this foundation for the most of the month and I really like it. It offers more coverage than my usual MSF Natural. I could wear this alone or on top concealer/BB Cream and it doesn’t look too heavy or cakey. This is actually a matte foundation so I like to spritz a bit of mist afterward and/or wear a shimmer base to highlight underneath. Also, I tend to use this with a powder brush rather than the sponge, just personal preference because I’m not use to sponge application for powders.

Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation in OC-C
I actually didn’t intend to purchase both powder foundations. But since she bought it I couldn’t resist a base product hehe I didn’t want to use this yet because I don't have a case for it. I’m glad that it came with a sponge in the refill though. Has anyone else tried this before?

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeliner Trio in Nude Eyes
I spotted this during my visit to CVS. Although I have a handful of eyeliners I need to use, I’m weak against natural looking colors =X All my smudging eyeliners do not help me restrain myself either…I like this trio. But I found that the lighter shade is barely noticeable. It could probably only be used as a lower waterline highlighter. Of the three I reach for the middle shade more. Similar to the other liners that I own, these smudge on me as well. Now I've come to the conclusion that it isn't the liners but my eye shape? The three shade all have shimmer specks in them, but the fine kind.

Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Peeling Gel & Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream
Another bestie of mine gave me these as a gift. I think she got these at from the Taiwan site when they still shipped to the U.S. I’ve only used the eye cream and it’s very light in texture. I haven’t been paying much attention to the brightening effects though. This is a little hard especially when I have such an irregular sleeping schedule.

This is probably my biggest Sasa haul yet. Bestfriend and I combined our order. We went way over the needed amount for expedited shipping amount & came in just a few days! The main reason why I bought so much was because of the darn sale that was going on. I’m a sucker for sales >__< Even though they weren’t super big discounts, every little bit adds up to a lot!

Kokobu Foot Pad Healers in Chamomile & Lavender
I found these unique things while I was browsing for the bath powders. They apparently take out the toxins from the body. My health has always been a bit bad so maybe these will help internally? Lol Has anyone tried these or similar ones before?

Bison Bath Additives in Soda & Royal Honey Milk

Bison Finland Spa Relax Bath in White Birch & Searun Magma Sweating Bath Salts

My mom is always telling me that sweating is good for losing weight. She probably means through exercising or steaming it out but it doesn’t hurt to give these a try :P

Kokobu Sakura Princess Bath Powder & Kokobu Milk Bath Powder

Kokobu Soy Milk Bath & Bison FUNWARICH Vanilla Mousse Bath

Kokobu Assorted Bath Powders (5 Pack) – Sakura, Orange, Strawberry, Lavender, and Broccoli (I think…I can’t seem to find it on Sasa anymore to confirm)

After moving into a new house with a new tub, I’ve had the urge to take more baths. Rather than diving right into Lush bath products, I figured that these could be easier to use for multiple baths than a bubble bar/bath bomb/etc is. I have enough to last me for probably over a year of baths (since I take them only once or twice, at most, a month).

Kokobu Funny Faces Sponges – for back, a mitten, and a regular sponge
These were just too cute to exist! & They were on sale, each were only around $1-2.

Genie in a Bottle Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum & Genie in a Bottle Arbutin Whitening Serum
After using 2 bottles of the hyaluronic acid serum I couldn’t wait to get these when I saw that they were in stock. It gives my skin the extra moisture boost. And for the price…it's even harder to look away! Since I’ve had such a good experience with the hyaluronic serum I also wanted to give the whitening serum a try. I plan to use the moitsure serum in the mornings and the whitening serum at night.

Biore Gel Make-Up Remover & Beautymate Anti-Blemish Repairing Nano Toner & Beautymate Hydro Power Collagen Lotion

BeautyMate Hydro Power Collagen Cream

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Eye Gelly

Most of the skincare products that I got from this Sasa haul is so I can replace out my current skincare regime. My Hada Labo products are running low and I was looking for something inexpensive & moisturizing, Beautymate fit that perfectly. I’ve also seen a few good reviews on them, so hopefully these will work well!

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect Body Cream
This was actually a last minute item that I added to my shopping cart. I’m not a big body care person but extra whitening caught my eye, which is very rare to find in a body product (particularly in the U.S). Also, my stubborn tan from a few years ago refuses to completely go away =.=

Milani Minerals Blush – Mai Tai, Sweet Rose, and Luminous
If it wasn’t for Nouveau Cheap’s notice on the 75% off certain Milani products at CVS, I probably wouldn’t have bought these blushes yet or at all. Now that I have them, I don’t regret purchasing them. I've only tried Luminous and it gives a natural light flush. Many people say this Luminous is a dupe for NARS Orgasm but I don’t own it so I can’t really say…

Bestfriend and I went to the new Brooklyn location of Naruko. The promotions and the SA got the best of us :P Together we only bought 3 products + another 3 for our other friend. It actually added up for some freebies that bestfriend let me keep to use.

For other New Yorkers: Although Naruko – Brooklyn is located on the populated 8th Avenue, it’s located a little further from the more popular streets (50-60th Street). If we didn’t already know the address beforehand, we probably wouldn’t walk down that far on a leisure walk. I noticed that the prices in the store were actually $1 or 2 higher than the listed website prices. It seems to be the norm because when I went to the Queens location, their prices were actually a few dollars (~$4-5)more than the website prices. I cannot say if all the stores elsewhere are similar, but this is what I observed. Also, as with a lot of other Asian beauty stores that I’ve been to, the SA’s are very…active. They tend to stick to you like glue, even when we said we’ll look ourselves. But they weren’t staring us down or anything, it seemed like they just really wanted us to make a purchase heh They didn't carry every single product available on the website. From what I remember the Job's Tears line wasn't there and neither was the Oil Cut Tea Tree Cleanser that some youtubers raved about.

Despite all this I probably will go purchase from the store again because it is more accessible. If I knew the products well and have tried and liked them, I might order online. But that is a long way from now...The next time I go I should ask them why their prices are different! The only other thing is I wish they sold the sets that the website offers as well...

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew & Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Day Protector
I purchased this after the persuasion of the SA and seeing the words “promotional price.” It was and wasn’t in a way. From the store's normal price, yes it was discounted. But on Facebook, they listed these two products' promotional price as a dollar less than what I actually paid for! :O But that’s in the past. I’ll think of it as giving them a little for shipping costs…*sigh* Despite already purchasing skincare from Sasa, I could use those during night and Naruko for the day.

ampm skincare skin wakeup pack & Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Super Critical CO2 Whitening Mask & ampm skincare skin ecological complex
All the freebies that I got from the purchase.
For spending $20 = skin wakeup pack.
For spending $30 = whitening mask. Although the promotion was only 1, they gave us two since they knew bestfriend and I were combining our orders.
For spending $100 = choose a freebie from a few options. After thinking about it at home, I probably could have optimized my purchase by buying a night gelly instead of either the moisturizing dew or day protector and then for this freebie pick the dew or protector instead. That way I could also try a night gelly and toner and moisturizer! *hits heads*

When you buy multiple skincare products, do you switch your whole regime at once or one at a time?