I'm Back! & On Instagram

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I am finally back from my unannounced hiatus! I was just started getting used to blogging regularly and lost track as finals and end of the semester projects/papers came rolling in. But those are officially done with!

So glad...my head felt like it was going to explode from all the info I had to remember :X Who else feels the same way during their tests? >___< All-nighters definitely do not help with stress. I can't wait to crawl into bed and get a good rest before trying to plan what to do with myself over my first long summer break.

Before I adjust to regular posts again, here are some photos of what happened in between studying and school work the last month or so. If you have Instagram feel free to follow me at lavlilacs. Otherwise, I'll try to share what goes on here for those without smartphones :]

Been making a lot of pasta for lunch on weekends at home. Doesn't taste bad (but then again it is just jar sauce hehe). My biggest cooking accomplishment so far was boiling a very nice egg, which was harder the first time around than I originally anticipated/expected :X

First & Second attempts ever trying to make pancakes.

Very yummy! Both from scratch. I love how I can control the sweetness. I actually used honey and it wasn't overly sweet at all. However, my mom thinks I should just use box-mixes because I cause less of a mess xD

Nothing beats chicken soup and watermelons :D

Went out with the besties a month ago to eat around St.Marks. This particular restaurant was okay. They had an interesting green tea noodle option but did not have available when we went. 2 of 3 at the table ordered the "Spicy Ramen" and I was thinking more Ramen House style. But these tasted/looked and probably was just Shin Ramyun...The Nutella toast, on the other hand, tasted good. Not something I'd get often, but just felt like trying it.

OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous & OPI Rumples Wiggin with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on ring finger

Outing with mom during Spring Break

Mom, brother, and I decided to go to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for lunch. If I had any idea how bad it would turn out...I'd never have suggested it in the first place. I've been to this restaurant a few times before with the besties. Their food service tasted much better than that day I went with the family. But that wasn't the bad part; when someone who is inexperienced suggests the experienced to do something...stand your ground! We ended up choosing way too much for us to handle =.= Pictured was already round 2 or 3 of food...Just thinking about it makes me queazy hah But for the price, I'd still go back (only a handle full of times per year though)...I'll endure the average service.

Sitting in traffic with a full stomach has its pros and cons!

Spent a day with mom at Ikea furniture browsing. That place is huge! Never go without leaving at least an hour or two to walk the entire showroom.

The first outfit I'm sharing with everyone. Probably only one...ever? It's hard to see but I was wearing booties. Boy, do heels hurt! If I'd known we were going to Ikea, I would have worn my chucks.

Right is the lovely view from probably the few/only window in the Ikea showroom. Isn't it pretty? :D

My own purple & white fake flowers arrangement! Pretty and good for allergy sufferers like me xD

Maybe it's because I only wear converses and sometimes flats, but I love to try on shoes! :D Sadly I didn't end up buying either of them but they sure look nice...

Auntie went masks shopping a couple of weeks ago and came back fully stocked for months! I've never used My Scheming Faces Masks before. Although I usually can't tell the different effects the masks have on my face anyway, I still love how relaxing it feels to have one on my face.

More recently

Watched...The Avengers. I'm not into Superheroes. But since the only chance I get to go to the theaters is to accompany my brother, I decided to go. There were many good reviews about it and I found it very enjoyable. I especially loved all the sarcasm! I'm not sure how or if there will be an Avengers 2 but I hope it'll be as good as this one.

Received...My phone case! I ordered this off eBay when I got my phone last month and it arrived last week. Fail postal service much? Nonetheless, I love it! It covers the back and front. Although...I snapped the case on to try it on and cannot figure out how to take it off without potentially breaking off the little extensions/clips that hold the two pieces together...Maybe I'll try again when I've used this case for a longer time. Must see how well the image lasts because I have a hunch it'll wear off after time :|

Don't worry! I will make it my mission this summer to update more often and hopefully some new/interesting things (if it happens in my boring life xD).