Missha Haul & Korean Cosmetic Bliss

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I have been fairly good at not making any spontaneous trips to beauty and drugstores. But once I go into a store to get something that I need, all the can't buy won't buy chants leave my mind. My recent trip to this Korean cosmetics pop-up store was exactly this case.

The reason why I said I needed to go? Ran out of makeup remover.
The main culprit to why I decided I had to make the trip? Discount & GWP

I am a sucker for deals. Even though this isn't the best deal that is around, I still got drawn in somehow.
When I received an e-mail from Missha saying that their brand & a few others were going to be available in a pop-up store in the city, I almost immediately got the shopping itch. It also didn't help that the e-mail included a 30% discount AND a GWP for orders over $30. I was actually waiting for Missha to have a big sale (40 or 50% off) on their website. But impulses got the best of me! Plus, I wanted to see what other brands and products the pop-up store had to offer.

Various Samples .......... GWP makeup pouch with more samples
2 Missha M Super-Extreme Waterproof Soft Pencil Eyeliner (Auto) in Brown and Khaki
Missha M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil

I did walk out with the items that I wanted. But the trouble is I came out with 2 extra eyeliners in order to meet the $30 GWP point. These definitely aren't needed in my collection but my reasoning at the time was "I finished my favorite brown eyeliner and need a replacement." Does this happen to anyone else?

It was definitely an interesting visit. The store layout was very spacious. When I visited, I was the only one there so I received close attention from the SA. But she wasn't the pushy type. There were many brands that I was not familiar with (isoi, Mizon, Gosso, and a few others). I did recognize a few like Missha, BRTC, and Dr. G. A majority of the store's selection is of BB Creams with one or two skincare lines from each brand and some sporadic makeup items. Unsurprisingly, most of the items were on the pricier side.

For anyone else in NYC who is interested in the address of the pop-up store is:
379 Broome Street
New York, NY 10012
It is right off Chinatown and touching a section of Little Italy. This is an area of Manhattan that I don't ever remember going to and I went to Chinatown a lot growing up. Then again, there are still tons of places in NYC that I haven't explored yet. So I shouldn't be one to talk :P

For any who may be wondering about the 30% off and GWP...I am not sure if it is still available. But I think you could check via Missha USA's website


Wandering Tales | Croton Point Park

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I had the opportunity to finally go on my first hike last Friday. Well, it wasn't a challenging hike but definitely very different compared to the usual walking I do on the city streets. Plus...the weather was great! Sunny but cool and breezy. My favorite kind of weather. It was also an opportunity for me to bring my camera along. Although at some points during the trek I did regret bringing the extra weight with me. Those thoughts just seem silly now when I look back at the photos!

Here's lots of greenery shots for everyone to look at before Fall really starts to set in!
Actually, I bet the park would look great when the foliage starts to change colors.

Croton Point is part of upstate New York. The group of us got there by train. Three more firsts for me: going to Grand Central Stationtraveling by the MetroNorthgoing upstate sans parents/family. The travel there from Grand Central was about half an hour shorter than the journey back (1hr to vs. 1.5 hr back). But then again, we left around rush hour so it should be expected.

I really love this shot, if I do say so myself ^^;;
And this!

If I remember correctly, this building used to be a boarding house? then some sort of store? Ahh my memory is bad!

Another first! Is this common outside of cities? Owl etiquette...
Yet another first! I have never seen trailers/RVs before in person (at least none that were being used). Apparently you can also pitch a tent and camp at this park, park your RV/trailer and camp, or even rent a cabin and camp. Whatever suites your fancy. Seems like a fun place to be in the summer. I wonder how crowded it gets.

Even though I went to Croton Point Park as part of a cultural requirement, I actually really liked it. There weren't too many big hills so I enjoyed all the walking that we did. Other than all the tiny pesky bugs and insects around & the bright sun, I surprisingly felt very relaxed. Maybe it's because there were barely anyone else there besides us and everything was so quiet there. I definitely want to go again or go somewhere similar. It is definitely something to think twice about though because the individual round trip train tickets are pretty expensive (at least to me it is). Sometimes I wished I lived in a place where there are more of these kind of parks that were closer by... *hmm but then I think I'd probably really miss the convenience of city life heh*

Have you been on hikes/nature walks lately? If you're from NYC, do you have any places you recommend?