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Coffretgorge's Birthday Giveaway

(click on image to go to her blog)

1) You must publicly follow her blog.
2) Simply leave a comment along with your e-mail address on her post.
3) Reposting is optional, but will get you 2 bonus entries. If you reposted, please leave the link along with your comment and e-mail.
Comment with your email = 1 entry
Comment with your email and link = 3 entries
4) Open to both local and international readers.
5) Ends July 31, 2010 (PHT +8:00)


The End & New Beginnings!

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End of the school year (for me) as an high school junior ^__^
Bye Bye final exams!
Bye Bye regents exams!
Bye Bye AP exams! (took 2..can't wait to get my scores)
Bye Bye SAT I (took 1 and did better than expected) & II (took 3 and did ehh on it >__<)!

Hello summer vacation!
Hello internship!
Hello relaxation! (kind of...not really - going to be a busy searching)

I can't wait!!!

How's everyone else spending their summer? :]


Giveaway alert!

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Another awesome giveaway I want to share :]

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WHO: One winner will be chosen by (Maybe 2nd & 3rd winners depending on entries.)
WHAT: Choose any Korean Brand(s) you like. (She'll try her best to get you the one you want.) You can choose up to 3 products and up to $60 worth of makeup/skincare/etc. (No bulky or heavy items.)
WHEN: Now - July 31st! She will email you when a winner is chosen. You must reply back within 2 days so she has time to buy your items. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen.
WHERE: She'll be purchasing them while she's am in Korea and sending the items to you when she returns to the States.
WHY: Sometimes Korean makeup can be hard to come across for many people. So you can choose items that you've always wanted to try or want or already love!
HOW TO ENTER: 3 easy peasy steps!
1. You must be a follower of her blog.
2. Leave a comment with your email & blog. Briefly, tell her why you want to try or already love Korean makeup!
3. Make a post on your blog about the 'I HAVE SEOUL' MAKEUP GIVEAWAY! with the Giveaway Photo. She will check! (Doesn't have to be a full post.)
SUGGESTIONS: TheFACESHOP, Banila Co., Etude House, SkinFood, Laniege, etc.



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The situation is...
Yesterday some my graduate class at my HS found out that our portrait photos will be taken next week. (We're currently juniors)
It came as a surprise because would make more sense to have them taken maybe in the summer or fall when we come back to school since a lot of things could happen over a couple of months, 2.they only gave us 1 week's notice.
My mom has already confirmed that I do not need to get a haircut, but I have another situation...
I have lots acne scars and blemishes all over my cheeks and chin :(
Does anyone have any recommendations for concealer/powder/foundation that will cover it but still look natural and is flash photography friendly (aka no mask face)?

------some funny stories related to this (at least I think they're quite amusing)------
1. On the postcard that suggests what we should wear/do in preparation for the picture day it includes "Apply concealer or powder to minimize blemishers & shine"
-It probably won't sound that unusual, but my school is pretty big (my graduating class has ~1000+ people) and I doubt half of them wear makeup (mostly guys & some girls).

2. People started to get these index cards that tells us what day we're taking the photos yesterday, and a guy in my class shaved his head >__< But then again, he doesn't seem like a person that would care if he had hair or was bald in his yearbook photo. Lol


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Awesome awesome giveaway!
Especially if you're like me and don't own circle lenses (but want to try) or totally newbie with lashes :X ^__^
Click on the photo to go to her blog!

1. You must be a subscriber to her blog via Google Friend Connect. To subscribe, you simply click on the “Join this site” on the left sidebar. This giveaway is hosted for her readers only! :)
2. You must be a subscriber to her Youtube channel. Click on the word “youtube” to access my youtube channel.
3. You must be a subscriber to Kiwiberry’s website! Same thing, go there and click “Join this site”.
4. You must be a follower of her Twitter
For one point; you can comment once and and tell her what you want her to make my next youtube video on!
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For three points; make a video response telling her what you want her to make her next youtube video on, and comment and give her the link!
For four points; do all three of the above!!

Ends 7/9/10


Giveaway alert!

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A Watercolour Sky is having an amazing giveaway!
Check it out by clicking on the picture ^__^

1. Leave a comment on this post telling her what is your idea of the perfect day.

2. For extra entries, you may:
i. Post about this giveaway on your blog if you have one.
ii. Tweet about this giveaway in the following manner: "A Watercolour Sky @watercoloursky is giving away more makeup goodies! Enter at"

If you do either #2 or #3, please drop a comment on this post again (leave 2 comments if you do both) so she can easily count your extra entries.

Anyone can enter BUT you must, must, must click on the "follow" button on the left menu on the sidebar, and select 'follow publicly'. Your profile must NOT be privatized in order for her to check that you are following. Otherwise she will not count your entry in the final tally.

Closes a week from today Monday June 14th, Eastern Standard Time. Good luck! :)


Retail Therapy Haul

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I planned and did go to Chinatown today after school and got more than I originally expected to buy :X I guess it was kind of retail therapy? Today was a totally, excuse my language, crappy day. Anyways here goes:

Left top: KeraSys Hair Clinic System Shampoo Repairing x3 (freebie)
Left bottom: KeraSys Hair Clinic System Repairing Rinse x3 (frebbie)
Middle: Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil
Right: My Beauty Diary Mask - Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Mandom Morning Hair Fix Water
Totally influenced by fuzkittie ^__^
Going to try it out when I have really bad bed hair.
Wasn't even looking for this, but when I saw it I really wanted to try it :X
I have no self-control! Ahh...


Almost There + Small Haul

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Ahh only...7 more school days (well 6 full school days and 1 half day) and...a few Regents Exams and it'll be the end of the school year for me ^___^ I'm so excited for summer, but very excited about my hectic college search *sigh* Until Spring 2011, I'm going to be sooo stressed.

I was going to post about this yesterday but got carried away relaxing because in the morning I took 3 SAT II exams (Physics, U.S. History, and Math Level 1). Even though I don't think I did that great on them, I think I'm not going to cancel my scores because I did put effort into it and some colleges do like to see it. At least I tried right? Let's hope for the best ^___^

After being confined in a classroom for ~3 hrs, I didn't feel like going home just yet. I went to the Rite Aid that was close to the school that I took the test at. I wanted to see if they had the NYC Blushable Creme Sticks that everyone has been talking about and they did (probably because they're a newer Rite Aid, the other one that is in my neighborhood is pretty old :X) This Rite Aid had them but I only saw 2 limited edition shades and some other non-limited edition shades. Some shades that I saw there...Plaza Pink, Big Apple Blush, Urban Spice, South Street Seashell, Mauvin' Uptown, Berry New Yorker, and Wild Berry. I only limited myself to 3 because I want to save up for something else :P

L to R: Berry New Yorker, Big Apple Blush, Plaza Pink



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Has this ever happened to anyone?

You've been following tons of blogs and then suddenly you refresh the Dashboard page and it says you're not following anything. I hope this is just a glitch >__< So many blogs that I don't know where to start looking again :(

--edit (literally less than 1 minute after I post my frustration)--

The blogs I'm following are back!! ^___^
Blogger should fix that problem...