January Haul

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Yes, a haul post again. Doesn't seem very exciting. But my spending journal needs to be...updated. I will try my best to post up a review soon. I even wrote down my thoughts! Just have to find time to type it all out :] Enough with things that I keep saying I will do (:X). Here's what I hauled in January:

Kose Cosmeport Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil
I was finishing up the Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum so I thought I'd try out different cleansing oils again.

Hurricane Nail Art Paint
Bought this at the beauty supply store in my neighborhood. I didn't have anything like this before and I wanted to try something new. Not sure how it compares to Art Deco, but this chipped within a day or two (I only used it as a French tip though.)

MAC Fix+
Usually, people get the Evian Water Facial Spray after they finish their Fix+, but I did it the other way around. I felt it was a bit on the expensive side, but there are better things added to it when compared to the Evian spray (which is apparently just mineral water?). And I don't use it as much so I think it'll last a long time :]

Maybelline Pure Concealer in Light
I went into the local pharmacy in search of the SkinMD Shielding Lotion but I couldn't find it on the shelves. Instead, I saw this. I'm having a bit of a concealing craze right now. And it says it has salicylic acid. I couldn't resist :X Will see how this goes. I know big chain drugstores don't sell these anymore but it's still on the Maybelline website (the last time I checked.)

SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion
All those reviews on this sucked me in. I was going to wait and see if I would be lucky enough to win a giveaway. But...when I went to the pharmacy that the site said carried it and saw that it was nearly half the price I couldn't resist. I plan to use this after I finish my current moisturizer. I hope it works well for me.

I think I did pretty well at controlling my spendings. Compared to previous months. I don't think I'm going to be buying much unless I finish a product (skincare wise) or use up a noticeable amount (makeup wise). Need to help my parents save up money because they're going to start remodeling/rebuilding the new house in the spring and they'll need all the money they have. Can't spend money on things that'll make me happy because the house will make everyone happy. At least I hope so. Family relationships with relatives have gotten very bad within the last couple of months. But that's for another post if I feel angered enough that I need to rant.



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Oh I'm a terrible blogger! I have so many things I said I was going to blog about and NEVER ended up doing it. My bad procrastinating habits are showing even online! Before I totally forget about this, I was tagged by Treasure Trove of Makeup to do 7 facts about me :] I felt so special & excited, my first tag. I really gave a lot of thought into it, hope it doesn't bore anyone.

1. I have lived in NYC all my life. An exciting city (I guess), but I think there's still a lot of places I haven't been to that everyone from out of the city has probably been to.

2. I'm very shy around people I just met and even to my teachers who I'm with for about 6 hours 5 days a week with. But when I'm with my family and close friends, it's a whole different story :]

3. I'm chinese. My family speaks Toisanese (is that how it is in English?). But I'm very into Korean and a little bit of Japanese culture. My parents think I'm a little weird for being so interesting in other cultures. Especially when they hear me listening to music that's of a different language :\

4. I'm a big kid. I think everyone is inside. Just to shy to show it to everyone? I don't know. But I personally would watch Disney movies, cartoons, & other movies targeted towards children over other movies. That doesn't mean I don't love comedies and action movies though. ^__^ Oh yeah, I can't stand scary movies. Yes, half the time it's totally fake. But it seems so real, I get nightmares!

5. My very first roller coaster ride was during my 8th grade senior trip to Six Flags. My friends all wanted to ride the Nitro, so of course they dragged me with them. It was terrifying! But a fun experience (at the end when I got off). I still can't believe my very quiet friend who sat next to me, did not scream or even make a noise next to me!

6. I'm a very indecisive person. If I go out to eat, 99% of the time I will not know what to order. Also as of right now, I do not have a clue on what I want to major in or what career I want to be in when I grow up. And I have to make a decision on what college to go to by next year! Ahh, so stressful.

7. I love to use smileys to express how I feel when I'm typing. So if I comment and you see ^__^, >__<;;, :], etc. don't mind me. It makes me feel like I get my feelings across :]

I think I jumbled lots of facts into those 7!

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My New Baby

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No, I didn't have a child...silly!
My new baby is the Wacom Bamboo Fun :)

I asked my parents for one a while ago because I really wanted to do some digital artwork for my AP Studio Art 2D class at school. My mom finally agreed to get one for me over the holiday break (which is coming to an end). We went the other day to a Best Buy in Staten Island but they had all of the other Bamboos except for the Fun. My mom said I could go with my dad to another Best Buy that was closer to where we lived to get it if they had it. We went today and obviously, there it was ^__^ I was so happy. It was kind of expensive so I'm considering it as my early birthday present? :P Now I really need to stop asking my parents to get me things unless I really absolutely positively need it. (Which reminds me...I need to put up a new year's resolution post!) Anyways, enough of me talking. Here come pictures! Can't wait to play with it tomorrow.


Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a great new year. 2010 here we all come! :]
Time sure flies by. Doesn't feel like it's Jan 1 2010.
Doesn't feel any different...then again only 9 minutes have passed :P