Happy Holidays!!

10:05:00 PM mandy 13 Comments

First...Happy Holidays!! ^___^

My family doesn't celebrate much but this year we put up our fake tree again heh A little holiday spirit going on...xD

Second...I'm so sorry I was MIA for sooo long. School got the best of me. I was moving to a new house. Everything was just so stressful. Now that I'm settled into a new place and it's winter break, hopefully, I'll be able to post regularly again.

Third...Thank you to everyone who stayed with me and all the new followers!! I lost some and gained some during this time period...it was a little upsetting but I definitely understand so no worries! :] Like I said, I'm aiming to post more so everyone won't be too disappointed in me.

I hope everyone had a great time today celebrating whichever holiday you observe! Or just had a great day for those who don't celebrate at all like me :P