January 2014 Empties

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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!! ^__^

As always, I cannot believe it is already February.
I finished my first week of the new school semester yesterday and felt so exhausted because I am still on my winter break sleeping schedule (which is completely out of whack). Getting lost on the inter-webs makes being productive extremely hard. (Procrastinator problems!)

I typically finish products very...very slowly. It takes me a good few months or a year sometimes to even accumulate handful of empties. (It doesn't help that I tend to start a whole bunch of new things while using other stuff.)

I had kept a bag of empties all year last year, like the hoarder that I am. Somehow I completely forgot about it until mid January. By then it was probably too late to put up a 2013 empties post. Right?

So here is to a new start! Even though I am still 2 days late, it isn't the end of the world yet.

My very small empties collection:

I haven't been using my masks much lately. But one day during the break I suddenly felt the urge to really cleanse (with my Clarisonic Mia), exfoliate, and enjoy a mask. Does that happen to anyone else?

Although there are so many masks out there that target different things, I find that they all are too short-term for me to see results for the said claims. Instead, I love to use them more for instant moisturization and relaxation.

My Scheming masks seem to fit my face well and the sheet mask comes pretty well soaked in the serums, it even is dripping in serum when you take it out of the packaging.

As for the PINK Sweet & Flirty Body Mist...I have had that since my senior year of high school! I only spray it onto my clothes before wearing them since body sprays scents don't last particularly long anyways. This way it isn't too overpowering. Plus, I can more generously spray this all over since body mists like these tend to be pretty affordable. I am not sure if PINK sells this particular scent anymore because it has been a while since I bought it.

I am not sure why, but ever since I started college my facial and body acne has gotten really bad. They were both under control for the last couple years in high school and I couldn't have been more excited to be finally through with the bad acne stage. But lo and behold, it came back!

There aren't that many products available in the drugstores that treat body acne specifically. The Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash - Pink Grapefruit, I think, is one of the few. Unfortunately, either my body acne is really bad or this body wash just doesn't work too well. Until I find a better option, I may still repurchase more of this (if on sale) just to use them as a precautionary item. Better than nothing right? Do you have any suggestions?

How many products were you able to finish last month?