Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!
My grandma made a lot of yummy food to celebrate. Hmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about! What did you do to celebrate?


My first NOTD. I did it just now when I was watching the finale to a TVB show on tv. (Moonlight Resonance)

with flash & without flash

Bottom & Top Coat: Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener
Purple Color freshcover Nail Enamel - Simple Joy
Glittery/Sparkley Color: Essie - Anniversary Gala

------Drugstore Haul------

I didn't purchase much, but here it is anyways :)

L to R: Maybelline Mineral PowerConcealer Fair & Cream; Scunci Self-Holding rollers

I'm not sure if the shades match, but if it doesn't I can always wear something over it. After trying it already on my face, it doesn't feel right returning it. Also, if anyone happens to know how to effectively use the rollers for side-swept bangs...please tell me!!


  1. I'm terrible with hair so I won't offer any advice haha!

  2. Wow comments! :)

    Really? You're hair looks really nice though! Especially from you're last FOTD.

    Thank you! It was a good nail day :) Usually they're all chipped and start to peel. =X I need to take better care of them!