Oh no!

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It finally happened...

My Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink (thank you Blair for reminding me i forgot the name :X) that broke by itself a couple of weeks ago, fell on the floor >__<

I can’t even salvage it if I wanted to...

How did it even break? I don’t twist it up all the way when I use it since its brand new...

Hello Riteaid/Duane Reade, here I come! :P

I really liked this shade, thankfully it isn’t LE (at least to my knowledge it isn’t).

When blended out it gives a nice glow, if layered a little bit more it’ll give a pretty flush. Pretty natural so = I like (possible love hehe).

It looks like a corally-pink (I’m pretty terrible at describing colors sorry!).

Both are done with a pretty heavy hand. Top=blended & Bottom=unblended

Depending on the weather and what activities I’m doing, it can last pretty long or not very long. I don’t carry makeup around so I do not touch up, but you can if you want to.

I’m not sure how this would look on darker skin types, and it doesn’t really hurt to try since at most drugstores that I’ve been to it is USD$3.99 (it might be different depending on where you live and from store to store)

Has anyone else tried it? What do you think about it? ^__^

Did anyone else’s come apart like that?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and these are my honest opinions based on the experience I've had with the product. I'm not affiliated with the company.


  1. I heard a lot about this and am so tempted to try it! However, I can't find it anywhere!


  2. Really? I'm not sure about where you can find it in Canada though..sorry! But in the U.S. most drugstores that I've been too already started to add a place in the display where N.Y.C. is for this product.

  3. I've never tried nix products so I cant say that the breakage has ever happened to me but that sucks so hard that it fell on the floor :( maybe if you shaved off the sides and then put it in a plastic container you can still salvage it. Perhaps if you microwave it to melt it down to shape you can use a synthetic brush or use your fingers to apply it like those potted cream blushers :D

  4. Ahh! Why didn't I think of that?!? It's already in the trash :X I still have the tube because there was still some left. Oh no! x2 LOL

  5. Sweetie, you didn't mention the name of this particular creme stick in your post? Mighty curious about it, it swatches so beautifully!

    Yup, faceQ and My Beauty Diary masks are from the same company =D

  6. Oh sorry! It's plaza pink. Gonna fix it now! Thanks for reminding me :X

  7. My cousin has tried the cleansing water and she likes it. I'll update once I try the eye makeup remover :)

  8. Oh no, it sucks that it broke by itself =( such a nice color though :D

  9. Yeah..I plan to replace it after I finish the remaining of that was still in the tube lol I was too rash and it away >__<

  10. Thank you for reading my review Mandy! Melting Eyes and Grade Color Eyes are nice~~ You can also get Majolica Majorca's Trick On range, the texture is pretty good =D

  11. Thank you! Will keep that in mind ^__^ Hopefully by the end of the summer I can make my first MU order lol

  12. Ohh no i heard these sticks are super popular!! i hope you can fix ir or replace it :) its a pretty colour!

  13. It is a pretty color. Luckily I saw them on the displays at some drugstores so I can definitely replace it. However I was rash and threw it away so I can't fix it anymore :X