Swatch: OPI Pink of Hearts

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Another nail polish swatch! ^__^

I was able to relax (finally) on Friday (so I wouldn’t be stressed on SAT day)...SO I did my nails :]

I was looking for the Essie Good to Go top coat and I saw that the store where I usually get my nail polishes had the OPI’s nail polish for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it was a pretty sparkly pink. I couldn’t resist (my self-control is worse than I thought..LOL)!

OPI describes it as a “pale pink with a shimmer of hope – and an uplifting sparkle”.

I used 3 coats because it looked a bit streaky with less than that (or it could be that I'm not used to applying sparkly polishes..)

**For base coat I used Seche Clear and top coat I used Essie Good to Go**

Taken with natural light & flash

Taken with artificial light & no flash

Taken with artificial light & flash

Taken with artificial light & no flash


I don’t know if anyone will notice, but the image quality should be better than before (I got a new camera) ^__^


  1. I totally noticed the quality of the pics! Especially in the 3rd and 4th ones. What a pretty color! Ohh, and I'm taking my PSAT this coming weekend. Hope you do/did well on your SAT! ^___^

  2. Good luck to you!
    You have to take it on a weekend? My school is giving it to the underclassmen on Wednesday.
    Thank you! I hope I did nervous >__<

  3. Every year OPI has specialized pink polish for Breast Cancer Council. and it is cool that 'shopping' also can help ppl =)

  4. The shade is so pretty! Yay on new camera :)

  5. that's a lovely shade!

    do you use a base coat and top coat for nails? What brand is it? I recently got into doing my nails too :D

    How have you been? (it's been a long time since i last logged onto Blogger, i've been missing beauty posts T.T)

  6. For base coat I've been using Seche Clear and for top coat I just got Essie Good to Go. I was using Seche Vite, but it had a "Big 3" bad chemical in it (Toluene) so I bought the Essie one instead.

    I've been fine, very stressed about school though lol I missed your posts! Can't wait to see them again :]

  7. well, truth is i only want 1-2 items from that set (the bag and the body powder), the rest are just meh...i'm still debating whether to get the set or not, what do you think?

    (btw do you have a Facebook account or soemthing :)?

  8. Really? I like a majority of the items (except maybe the lashes)! But that could be because I have no JS products :P

    I do have a Facebook, but I tend to only add my school friends. Sorry :X

  9. SO pretty! looks super opaque too. love it ^__^

  10. That's with 3 coats! lol
    Sorry I forgot to mention it in the post :X

  11. What a cute colour!

  12. Wow, that is pretty! I saw it in a magazine but hadn't seen pics until now. Really like it! =D

    Congrats on your new camera!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, Mandy. All I got were these blushes!

  13. i'm not a big fan of sheen...but it looks nice on u~~