Review: Origins GinZing Eye Cream

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Origins GinZing Eye Cream

I got this product last year with a coupon that I received from Origins for my birthday. (It is a little strange/creepy how it works but after registering into their system at a standalone store, they just mail you the coupon around your birthday.) At the time I was really looking forward to trying it because of it's brightening/depuffing claims. After using it for more than a year, sadly I haven't really noticed any amazing results of any sort to make me want to repurchase the product.

Product Description/Directions:

What I did: Use my ring finger to get a little of the product from the jar. Lightly rub my two ring fingers together to spread the product. Gently tab both fingers under my eye area until the product is evenly distributed. I only use this product in the morning because I do not need the brightening effect on my under eye area when I go to sleep.


I noticed that there is titanium dioxide on the list of ingredients. But it is the 2nd to last ingredient listed. This probably isn't a good source of sunscreen. It isn't too much of a negative, but in case someone else notices it and thinks it could be a sunscreen for your under eyes...don't think that way! Origins don't claim it to be a sun protector nor do I think it the titanium dioxide is an active ingredient/active enough to protect your eyes.

I must say I love that Origins doesn't have parabens and all the supposedly bad ingredients that we should be worried about. I'm not a huge prick about using only products without bad ingredients, but I'm trying to steer myself into that direction.

There is 15ml of product and according to the origins website it costs $29.50.

Places to Purchase:
Origins standalone stores
Department stores that have origins (I only know that Macy's but there could be more)

Comes in a plastic jar with a stopper (is that what the white plastic is called?) I'm not too picky about using products in jars just because of sanitary reasons. But it is annoying when the product gets stuck under my nails. To avoid this I picked up the product with the back of my fingers rather than the front. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a spatula so you're stuck with using your finger (unless you have a spatula from other products that you could use for this of course).

This eye cream is thick in texture and has a sticky/tacky feeling. Especially right after applying it to my under eyes. I cannot apply it to my whole eye area or else it would be difficult to open/blink my eyes. However, the tackiness does fade away after a little while.

Although it has mica in it to give a physical brightening effect, it didn't seem to do much for my very dark circles. Also, it doesn't appear much after I apply concealer under my eyes. Unless you are someone who only wears a light layer of powder or only applies probably wouldn't benefit from the (what I think is) minimal brightening power this eye cream gives.

The one thing I'm not too sure about is its depuffing abilities. If I remember correctly, the SA said the caffeine would help with depuffing of the under eyes in the morning. I haven't really experienced puffy eyes so I can't vouch for this claimed product property.

One thing to note, this isn't a very moisturizing eye cream. But in Origins defense, this was never really stated by them. I noticed when I apply under eye concealer that my eyes are kind of dry so I will probably buy a more hydrating eye cream after I finish using this one.

✻ Doesn't have parabens, mineral oil, etc.
✻ Has titanium dioxide in it but it is listed close to the end
✻ Little bit lasts a loonngg time
✻ Didn't give me any milia around the eye area

✻ Didn't do much to brighten up my under eye area
✻ Gives a sticky/tacky feeling right after applying
✻ Not hydrating
✻ Is on the pricey side

No. Overall, I think this was just a so-so product...for me at least. It wasn't any spectacular. Nor do I think it did what I wanted/was expecting it to do. At least from using this product, I know what I need now from an eye cream.

Not really. From my experiences with it and with the price tag, I wouldn't recommend. However, there are some raving reviews for it so maybe if you feel your needs are similar to their's you could ask Origins for a sample to try! I'm not sure about Origins in department stores, but if you can go to their standalone store, they are very nice about giving samples.

Rating: 3

Disclaimer: These are just the results I had while using the product. Remember, everyone else's skin is different!! What may have worked for me, may not work for you & what may not have worked for me, may work for you. Try the product at your own risk! I bought this product with my own money and am in no way connected to the companies mentioned. This is my honest opinion!


  1. Nice review! From what I've seen, people love or hate this product. I wanted to try it after hearing Tanya or Pixi2woo's review but after finding out about the pearlescent mica and whatnot, I'm quite wary. It's pretty much makeup packaged as skincare! I wonder if the other Origins eye creams are any good....

  2. AngelicBetrayal: I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention seems like a great description for it! If you're still interested, try asking the SAs for a sample! The ones at Flatiron (at least when I went) were very nice about that. I was thinking of trying their actual moisturizing eye creams after I used up my current one but will probably wait until I can get a sample first. If I do try before you do I'll let you know how it goes! :D

  3. I'm not the only one! I tried this a few years back and didn't understand the hype. Then again, I don't have dark under-eye circles but it did nothing for de-puffing. Plus, I don't like potted eye creams ><

  4. its very good cream as well as it has good results and fast processing so i like it so much and plz must use it if u have these type of problem and a i am sure u will remove it easily thanks ravi.

  5. Ashley: There are just some products like so well for what seems like everyone and it doesn't do the same when we use it on ourselves :( Aren't most eye creams potted?

    ravi virk: I'm happy to hear it worked well for you. This is just how I feel about the product after using it.

  6. It's not hydrating *and* is pricey? That gets a "no" in my book too. :( Thanks for the review!

  7. Shop N' Chomp: No problem! I thought it would be more of an eye cream and have at least a little bit of moisturizing properties but it felt more like a brightener/highlighter :\

  8. I like Origins products too! I feel like they put a lot of research into their skincare. If it were more hydrating, i think it'd be worth the price though.

  9. Rainy Days and Lattes: Hmm...maybe. But the product is only suitable for morning use so you'd need two separate eye creams still :\

  10. It seems like a very promising product. I also like that it's formulated without parabens etc. Too bad it just didn't really work for you! Better luck next eye cream. =)

  11. I got a sample of this product and apart from the smell, there wasn't much I liked about it. I pretty much agree with your overall assessment.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. unfortunate this product didn't work for youu D: eye creams are so hard to shop for! :/
    anyways I think besides the etude product you can probably use any other type of liquid highlight? I used to use Benefit's High Beam, but I stopped using it because I had acne prone skin and it tended to make my pores look more pronounced? But if you have good skin, it look's very pretty! :)

  13. Thanks for entering my giveaway, Mandy!

  14. too bad it was just a mehhh product. Have you tried the Kiehl's Avocado eye cream? I really like that one but its just great for moisturizing.

  15. Yuna: I have a small sample size of the High Beam I haven't used yet...must give it a try then! Thanks!

    Shop N' Chomp: Noo..thank you for the giveaway! :D

    Popcorn: I've heard a lot of good reviews on that eyecream. But I think it might be a little too rich for my eyes in the summer time. I might give it a go when it gets a bit colder!

  16. lol I think it's so-so as well XD don't hate it don't love it. Now I can understand why you say you can't wait to use it up XD *stares at my almost-full jar...*