21st Birthday

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Woot! My birthday just passed and I am now really an "adult".
Ah...I don't think I am quite ready to face the world as one yet.

Worries aside, I had a pretty awesome birthday.


37 Kenmare St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Mott St & Elizabeth St

It was hard to decide on a lunch spot, but I settled on Cocoron. This has been on my "To try" list ever since ExtraPetite posted about this a few months ago. Bestie C and I had actually attempted to eat there once before on a Saturday and the place was packed. This time we made sure to get there right when they opened and we were the second to be seated!
cocoron mera mera dip soba
Mera Mera Dip Soba
My main agenda at Cocoron was to try their dip soba. I have never had authentically prepared soba and I liked the idea of being able to dip the noodles. I ended up choosing this medium-spicy soup base and really enjoyed it. It wasn't too spicy when eating with the noodles, but definitely too hot for me to drink the soup. I can't wait to go back to try some of their other versions!
cocoron steamed chicken meatballs
Steamed Chicken Meatballs
Yelp reviews raved about this appetizer. I think it is ground chicken (or chicken pieces) that is surrounded by sticky rice. This is pretty simple, but I love the combo (especially how it is bite-sized). For the price, I am not sure if I would get it again...but I enjoyed it while it lasted!
cocoron green tean affogato
Green Tea Affogato
Again, another item I wanted to try after going through Yelp. (Notice a trend...?) I don't think this was anything too special but it was a nice end to the meal. Something sweet, something bitter, something chewy, something crunchy, and something cold. But because I didn't evenly spread the anko (red beans) out, the last quarter of the dessert just tasted like soggy green tea cereal.

birthday gifts
purple bow samoa donuts
samoa and green tea donuts
Homemade donuts by Bestie C!
Samoa Donuts and Green Tea Donuts
She's been baking a lot of donuts recently, but I never got the chance to try one. I was so excited to get these. Between the two, I really liked the Samoa ones the most. But then again, I have a bias towards the caramel, coconut, and chocolate trio. These tasted even better with a sip of milk!
birthday presents
Ah the never ending purple themed presents from her. But I am not complaining. I was so surprised by the purple BeautyBlender though. I know the Pantone color this year is Orchid but had no idea BeautyBlender came out with a sponge to match. I hope this is a permanent color! (Is it...?)

chinese birthday cake paris baguette blueberry chiffon cake
As usual, we had two cakes this year as well because my mom invited a lot of family and friends over for dinner. To think the cake almost spelled MADY...
lighting candles
paris baguette blueberry chiffon cake slice
I initially wanted to try a new cake from Paris Baguette that I haven't had before...but I had the hardest time deciding at the store. To save myself the trouble of spending an hour staring hopelessly at all the options, I ended up getting the blueberry one instead.  For some reason this one just doesn't compare to the blueberry chiffon cake I had 2 years ago. It tasted slightly sweeter and is definitely less purple than I remember. It was still good nonetheless, just different.
Would it be surprising if I said that yesterday was pretty much my first time having alcohol? (Other than the one mega tiny sip each of beer and wine I had a couple years ago.) Good thing there were 4 of us sharing the bottle, or else I do not know how I would have finished it. Bitter...bitter...bitter! After a few sips of the Heineken, I had to dilute it with Sprite. Yup...I guess I am not a drinker. But then again we also had a Coors Light and that was slightly more enjoyable. Not sure what to think about alcohol now.

How do you typically spend your birthdays?
Big ol' parties or meals with small groups?


  1. Happy Birthday Mandy! How nice that you got to enjoy such yummy goodies! The donuts made by your bestie look amazing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Happy belated birthday! It's crazy when you turn 21 and you realize you're not a kid anymore and pretty soon all the real life adult stuff is coming your way :) I've only had soba once and wasn't a fan but I think the idea of dipping the noodles into the soup is interesting. Your friend's doughnuts look store bought! They look so perfect :) Love the glaze on the somoa ones! I'm not a fan of alcohol either even though I've tried drinking it at least half a dozen times by now.... I'm just not that into it. I'd rather save my calories for a doughnut ;) Can't wait to meet up soon!

    1. We should go together we we're free! ( Hehe any excuse to try it again :P)

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like u had so many awesome celebrations. Your friend makes such awesome donuts! So skilled!

    1. Thanks! She'd be flattered to hear that :D

  4. Hi Mandy :D wow I haven't been here in ages >.< your best friend's gifts/notes are SO thoughtful! and the cakes are gorgeous. glad you had an awesome bday ^__^ and... don't worry about it, alcohol is totally overrated XD I only like the fruity ones that taste like juice... hahaha XD