March Empties + Hauls

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Woot! Blog layout update! It has been too long. Even though I really loved the other one, I think certain elements in the back-end caused the blog to load way too slow. Now things are even more simplified. It took a whole night's worth of tinkering, but I think it is almost done! (Just a few small things left.)

The biggest change is probably the move to Disqus commenting. After switching to a new template I could no longer reply to comments. All the tutorials I found did not work. To save my sanity, I decided to make the switch. Luckily, no past comments were lost! I hope this change isn't a hassle for anyone who is used to the standard blogger/Google commenting system. If it is, definitely let me know! I'll try to figure it out again.

Onto the topics at hand!

I know I missed a month of empties, but that was because I didn't use anything up.
March was a tad better (just a bit).

I had to time to squeeze in a few masks here & there and I must say I almost forgot how relaxing it was to do sheet masks. Other than their moisturizing features, I have never really seen the other claimed benefits of the masks. Of the ones that I have tried, I like My Scheming masks the most. The sheet isn't too flimsy and fits my face shape/size really well.

Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner

My makeup collection isn't too big, but it is definitely too much for just one person to have. I discovered this eyeliner not long ago and realized it hasn't been touched in a good year or more. When I went to sharpen and refresh the tip the whole eyeliner came out! I guess it must have dried up a bit in the tube? What do you think I should do with it? Is it savable?

------------------------------ Purchase
24kei haul hada crie hitachi hada crie n820
Hitachi Hada Crie N820

The big purchase I, finally, made last month. I was sitting on whether or not to buy since mid-February. I don't remember exactly how or why this little gadget piqued my interest. When it did there was no turning back! I have used this for a little under a month and am liking it so far. I still need to test it some more before I will know for sure if I like/love it or not.

Aesop Control

Before going to their location by University Place, I was not aware of Aesop at all. But the natural/medicinal vibe I got when I walked into the store made me feel reassured to try something...anything. I have many different acne treatments on hand, but was still drawn in to this one. The SA there got me with "non-drying". Apparently what makes this difference from the rest is that this is an aloe based product. I haven't used it consistently enough to be able to tell if it does help with pesky pimples or not, but I do appreciate that it really hasn't brought about any extra dry patches after using it.

Have you tried anything new lately or rediscovered something? How did you like (or not like) it?