April & May Empties

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Ah, I haven't had this many empties before!
april empties otaku masks
April Empties
Of course masks are pretty easy to use up. Throw one on at night and it is used!
But there's always the things like being too tired, too lazy, or just plain forgetting about them altogether. If I do remember about sheet masks, they are a great way to end my night.
I find laying down with a mask on while watching videos or listening to music very relaxing. If I am too tired that night I can set an alarm to remind me to take the mask off before it ends up sucking moisture out  instead of hydrating my face.
Most masks advise to massage the remaining serum into the skin but I tend to just let it soak in by itself. If I could squeeze in a little extra boost, I use my Hitachi Hada Crie to massage my face (with the mask still on).
may empties otaku mask elf studio tone correcting powder josie maran argan oil
May Empties
L to R: Otaku Pomegranate Antioxidant Brightening Mask, Clarisonic Brush Head, e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder, Josie Maran Argan Oil
The exciting month of empties! I can't even remember the last time I finished a powder. I remember being excited about hitting pan last summer and lilladylife told me that it was just a sign of being halfway through. She couldn't have been more right. I really liked using the e.l.f. powder to set my colored base makeup. It made things look smoother and my makeup lasted pretty long. However, it can look cakey & over-powdered if too much is applied. I probably won't repurchase it any time soon because I would like to try other brands. But for the price there is not much harm to give it a try.

When I bought the mini bottle of argan oil to try, I wasn't too sure how I would use it. Sometimes I would apply a few drops of the oil as a moisturizer. It works well and absorbs quickly. But it was still not really a match for my dry patches, yet I was hesitant to apply more because I can get pretty oily throughout the day. Towards the end of the bottle I decided to add a few drops to my moisturizer at the time. I think I like this method more because it adds a boost to my moisturizer and makes it easier to apply the oil product.

How do you find time to wind down and relax?