Room rearranging

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Sometimes it just takes a little rearranging for a place to feel completely new again.
After - Room rearranging

It was a really random idea I had one day while feeling a little trapped by my old setup. What table faced that direction instead?

Before - Room rearranging After - Room rearranging

My room has been in the same configuration for the last 3 (almost 4) years since we moved in. Bed and side drawers on one side, table and bookcase on the other. Even though the Ikea desk that I chose has a handy extension, the space left over between the bed and table is just enough for my swivel chair. Both the extension and chair in that particular spot created a "no-man's area" on one side of the bedroom. Plus, I have also been accumulating some MUJI Acrylic drawers that have been taking up a little too much desk space.

After some careful measurements and getting my dad to help with the lifting, the ignored space was finally getting some love. The extension can't fully extend but it is enough to still act as a small side table. My swivel chair couldn't fit in the new space but I think the new chair will help with my poor sitting posture.

After - Room rearranging
The chair may be even more stuck in this spot than before, but I still have the option to shimmy myself backwards to sit on my bed. This is especially beneficial whenever I am watching a long video at fullscreen. My eyes don't feel as strained by sitting so close to the monitor and my butt can get some cushioning.

Camera lenses & notebook display

One of the most favorite things to come out of this room rearranging kick was cleaning up this window area and getting a place to display my camera items. I used to have them stuffed into my camera bag and it would be such a hassle whenever I needed to use different lenses. I always toyed with the idea of getting one of those floating shelves to do essentially the same task but not anymore. Win-win, yay!

Inspiration & Notes wall, Muji acrylic drawers for organizing stationary

I couldn't believe how nicely my MUJI drawers fit along the short edge of my desk. This means more workspace for me (that is when my table isn't full of papers, receipts, and other knick-knacks). My notes and inspiration wall also found a new home on the opposite side of my bedroom. While some people have cork boards to tack their important papers and ideas onto, I just use good old Scotch tape to stick things to my wall. Cheap and effective!

Purple floral decorations from Ikea

These fake flowers have been with me since we moved into the house. Purple flowers that will last forever? Perfect! (I don't have a very green thumb...even succulents and cactus plants have died in my house.) Over the last few years this floral arrangement has become an after thought, getting lost amongst the many other things in my room. Now that it is sitting in front of me, it is always peeking through the corner of my eye.

Hat display wall

Hats have been on my mind lately. But with what I think is a big head, finding any that I like is difficult. Since taking these photos a few weeks ago, my hat collection has grown a little. This has become my hat display wall with 3 already hung up. I am not sure what I would do if I add more to the collection because room on this wall is very limited.

What is your room organization like? When's the last time you've done a major rearranging in your house?