Flowy Lacey Dressy

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Flowy white LOFT tulip back tank with lacey American Rag skater dress and green TNA parka Flowy white LOFT tulip back tank with lacey American Rag skater dress and green TNA parka

If someone told me a few years ago that I would 1. wear dresses more than just occasionally and 2. have not just short but also wavy hair, I would have called that person crazy.

No fabric to cover my body fat? No hair to hide my acne and scars? My security blankets gone?

Truth be told, my insecurities are far from going away. But I have been more open to try different things and be a little out of my comfort zone. Dresses? I am getting to be more comfortable in them after discovering the one thing I needed in conjunction with them. Hair? After years and years of long hair that would get oily very easily, a chop just feels so right and much easier to manage. The waves provides oomph and lift to my flat hair.

Hey, as the saying goes don't knock it 'til you try it.

Flowy white LOFT tulip back tank with lacey American Rag skater dress, green TNA parka, and strap up Birkenstock Yara sandals

Korean brand wayfarer sunglasses
Aritizia TNA outer layer of 2-piece parka (similar)
LOFT Tulip Back Tank (discontinued)
American Rag Lace Illusion Skater Dress in Pale Mauve
Birkenstock Yara Sandals
Rebecca Minkoff MAB Backpack in Black

Now I am no fashion blogger. The clothing I own and wear on a normal basis is kind of boring. Most of my closet consists of either what I feel most comfortable in and/or what I think looks nice. Sometimes those two traits coexist in one item, sometimes it's just one or the other. In this particular outfit, it is maybe 50-50? (66-33 to be more precise.)

The parka, sunglasses, sandals, and backpack fall into the comfy AND pretty category. These are items that I have worn time and time again since buying them. If anyone is interested in the cost per wear, I would estimate these to be in the cents range by now and they're all fairly new buys (i.e. within the last 2 years).

The tulip back tank and dress are both just pretty when they are their own. The tulip back on the tank top makes it breezy and flowy, but very revealing if not careful. The lacey skater dress is very form fitting on the top section and has a sheer mid-section, which I love, but with my recent weight gain made me feel even more self-conscious. Since buying both of these items, I have probably only worn both once or twice max. So what is my solution? Pair the two together! The dress covers my back so I didn't have to worry about any risqué exposure and the tank perfectly covers my belly area. It is a win-win situation.

Wavy lob - Back view

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Backpack in Black

While, what seems like, everyone I know is starting or growing their handbag collection, I am kind of regressing back into the backpack stage. Backpacks can safely hang on both shoulders and can hold a ton of stuff. They're the best thing to keep the mind at ease and hands free. What's not to like?

I was searching for the perfect black backpack after using the Jansport backpack for a while. Just something different for a change. Maybe one where cool meets practicality. There are tons of leather and faux leather bags on the market. But of the inexpensive ones, it seems like everyone has the same one or the quality is subpar. I definitely never took the plunge to buy any designer ones because I didn't really love any particular one and of course the price.

Somehow, sometime last year, while diving into the deep corners of internet shopping, I found it: Rebecca Minkoff's M.A.B. Backpack. At the time it wasn't one of their styles that was heavily promoted. I think most shoppers are more into their satchels and little cross-body bags. I actually fell in love with the brand after getting their M.A.C. cross body. But for me, at that point in time, I felt like I found a gem with the backpack. Simple but unique, fashionable but functional.

Of course, Rebecca Minkoff is affordable compared to names like LV, Prada, etc. But it is still high-end/luxury for me. I looked through so many sites and scoured their sample sale multiple times until I found the best deal. It was a combination of an eBags holiday/anniversary discount and ebates cash back. Oh the feeling of when patience and persistence pays off.

Wavy lob - Side view

A little side note. We are finally seeing some sun in NYC after almost 2 full weeks of gloomy skies and wetness! Rainy days are just not my thing. I think it is safe to say that the sunshine was very much welcomed throughout the city, especially since it was Mother's Day yesterday. Nothing like good weather, a day of appreciation, and great eats to start the new week right.