Korea Diary | At Hangang Once More (Day 42)

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Our time at YISS was almost nearing its end. Day 42 was the second to last weekend that we had together. Of all the things to do in Seoul, my friends and I all couldn't wait to go back to Hangang. Even though had we previously went in two separate groups on different occasions, everyone was still excited for the day's plans.

It was also a special day since we were joined by 2 new friends of friends. One was a Korean local our Californian friend met via the Facebook group for YISS. He was studying in the U.S. full time but came back to Yonsei for the summer program just like us. The other was a Canadian working in Hong Kong but came to visit our Australian friend where they met in France. Talk about being globally connected!

Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Sinchon Hyundai Department Store Magokoro ramen

We started the day off late and decided to grab ramen from the Hyundai Department Store as it was conveniently located right by the Sinchon subway station.

Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Biking in Yeouido Park

The must do at Yeouido Park, for me at least, was renting a bike. It was easier and more freeing to ride a single bike but there were way more people out enjoying the weather that day. For those not extremely confident about their swerving and avoiding skills, the park is quieter earlier in the day.

So many families and groups of friends were out picnicking or just chilling by their tents. There is even a water park nearby where a lot of people were enjoying the pools for those who prefer that over bike ridess.

Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Yeouido Hano Little China Star jajangmyeon
Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Yeouido Hano Little China Star tangsooyook

Our friends discovered this really great Korean-Chinese restaurant nearby the last time they went to Yeouido Hangang Park. (I think the place was called Hano Little China Star judging by other  photos and video clips I have.) They had been craving the food from there ever since that fateful day and I was pretty excited to see just how awesome it was.

The must order items at any Korean-Chinese restaurant are of course jajangmyeon 자장면, jjambbong 짬뽕, and tangsooyook 탕수육. I could tell why our Cali friends claimed this spot was so delicious. The jajangmyeon I ordered was so nice. Typically the vegetables and meat are in really big chunks and cooked until very mushy. At this restaurant, all the veggies were cut to a small size and the meat was ground so everything didn't have to be cooked for that long (I assume). I don't know...maybe I'm spouting nonsense but I felt the sauce was killer here. Some one at our table ordered the bowl of jjambbong (spicy seafood noodles) and the bowl was humongous. It was impossible to even see the noodles underneath the pile of generous seafood ontop. If timing is right and this Chinese restaurant is still open, I would definitely go and devour as much as I can handle there.

Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Performers at Banpo Park

We all tried rushing to see the last water show at Banpo Bridge since the Canadian/Hong Kong friend was interested in photographing it. We, unfortunately, missed most of it by the time we arrived. After listening to some performers nearby the Korean local friend took us on a bus ride to get back to Sincheon. None of us would have dared to brave the Seoul bus system had he not been with us. Luckily the number bus that we needed to take was right by the Banpo Bridge and would take us directly across towards home.

Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Patmiok 小豆味 팥미옥 - Favorite bingsoo chain
Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Patmiok 小豆味 팥미옥 - Chocolate cookie bingsoo
Seoul, Korea - Summer Study Abroad 2014 - Patmiok 小豆味 팥미옥 - Mango bingsoo

The night was never over without something sweet. We were introduced to a new place called Patmiok 小豆味 팥미옥 in Sincheon, which may be my all-time favorite bingsoo chain in Seoul. The shaved ice is extremely soft, snow-like, and milky. This place had one of the best ice consistencies of all that we tried. Even though the toppings look simple, both the mangos and chocolate cooking crunchies work so well with the milky ice. The only con was the shop closed pretty early (~10PM).