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When shopping and "extreme" activities (i.e. cable cars, Ferris wheels, Segways) aren't of interest, flora and fauna become the day's highlights while traveling with my Aunt. Singapore has a surprising amount of large zoos and aquariums for its country size: Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and S.E.A Aquarium to name a few well-known ones.

Scientist and species-enthusiast I am not. Exhibits and animals can all start to look similar after going to many zoos or aquariums. What makes some more interesting to visit is the way the wildlife roams. It was nice to be able to see how open most "enclosures" were at the Singapore Zoo. While the level of freedom can't compare to the animals' natural habitats, it seemed more freeing than other animal parks. The Night Safari has an intriguing concept, night time zoo dedicated to nocturnal creatures. It was a little anti-climatic visit, for me. My human eyes couldn't adjust and see everything properly. Riding on a relatively quick tram ride didn't help either, but I rather ride that than try to journey through the safari on foot in the dark. Heh. Maybe if I was less afraid of the dark? Or if a had a braver companion?

lavlilacs Sentosa Singapore S.E.A. Aquarium worker
Scuba diver at S.E.A. Aquarium

lavlilacs Singapore Zoo polar bear
Inuka the polar bear at Singapore Zoo's Frozen Tundra zone

lavlilacs Sentosa Singapore S.E.A. Aquarium jellyfish
Jellyfish at S.E.A. Aquarium

lavlilacs Singapore Zoo kangaroo
Kangaroo at Singapore Zoo's Australasia zone (formerly Australia zone)

lavlilacs Singapore Zoo giraffe
Giraffe feeding at Singapore Zoo's Wild Africa zone

lavlilacs Singapore Zoo bats
Malayan Flying Fox at Singapore Zoo's Fragile Forest zone

lavlilacs Singapore Zoo white tiger
White tiger at Singapore Zoo

lavlilacs Singapore Night Safari owl
Creature of the Night show at the Night Safari