tria Hair Removal Laser 4X & SmoothStart Calming Gel - 5 Months

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5 months have gone by on this experiment with the tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and surprisingly some of the disappointment I felt in the previous 4 months have been reversed. I hope it isn't just my imagination. Instead, I want it to have been just my lack of closer observation.

tria Hair Removal Laser Facial Hair 20 Weeks

tria Hair Removal Laser Facial Hair 22 Weeks, 5 months

Even though I tossed around the idea of treating other areas of my body, I haven't actually gotten around to it yet. It is on my list but I want to focus on this last month of lasering on the current areas.

Recharging of the device is also a big deterrent. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the machine and it only lasts for about ~300 zaps at Level 5 (just barely enough for a generous session targeting the upper lip + chin + knuckle hairs + both underarms).

While the Laser 4X is plugged in, it gets very loud, as what I am assuming is the fan, whirls to cool the gadget down. For heavy sleepers, recharging the laser overnight shouldn't be a problem. For light sleepers like me, it does get a little annoying. I can't even imagine how many times I would need to recharge if I want to tackle other body parts. It will probably be a multi-day affair considering how small the laser window is compared how large an area leg hairs cover.

tria Hair Removal Laser Facial Hair 20 Weeks Closeup

tria Hair Removal Laser Facial Hair 22 Weeks, 5 months Closeup

Upper lips.

I am tempted to say that I am finally noticing some progress here. In previous updates, I based my comments on the regrowth at the corner of my lips alone since the wisps there are longer and most noticeable. This month I noticed how much less fuzz my eyebrow razor collected after I grazed over my uppers lips. It is a nice motivation to get through another month of laser treatment.

tria Hair Removal Laser Armpits Hair 20 Weeks

tria Hair Removal Laser Armpits Hair 22 Weeks, 5 months


Stubborn patches of hairs, be gone! Since the armpits have shown the best results over this 5 months period, I am getting a little impatient to see the last bits of hair still stick around. I wonder if one more month of lasering will do much difference at this point. If not then how many more months would it take? Or should I just leave it be and just shave off the rest for a while and see if it will eventually fall off by itself?

tria Hair Removal Laser Knuckle Hair 20 Weeks

tria Hair Removal Laser Knuckle Hair 22 Weeks, 5 months

Knuckle hairs.

I wish it was easier to see in the photos. In reality, it seems as if all my knuckles hairs have regrown. I can confidently say at this point this area has proved to be the least responsive to the lasering. It could be that the hairs were too thin or that the laser had a difficult time reaching the follicles since the area is so small and not flat. It always took a few attempts to get the right placement for the laser to zap.