FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black

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lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black Review

It seemed like all Korean YouTubers had and raved about the FLOWFUSHI Moteliner eyeliner in 2018. By the time I got around to buy and try it in 2019, it seemed the entire Moteliner had been discontinued, rebranded, relaunched, and possibly reformulated as "UZ by FLOWFUSHI" and was grazing NYFW with its new wide and wild color range.

I am a little hesitant to review something that may no longer be available. (May because it is still listed on the FLOWFUSHI Japanese website. But I don't comprehend the language at all to know if it is still available to purchase or not.) My final decision to share my thoughts is purely for to me keep track and compare in case I decided to try the new version in the future.

As with most liquid eyeliner products, there are some things I really liked about the Moteliner and some that I wish could be improved on. The unique situation here is perhaps FLOWFUSHI has already improved upon what I did not like already.

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black packaging

FLOWFUSHI's description:

This is a multi-functional eyeliner that offers a premium application. Its brush is invented by a Kumano brush maker, made from 4 different types of bristles of varying quality and coarseness. An octagonal handle that fits the fingers, allowing steady, stable application. A pigment that doesn’t stain the skin, protecting skin from discoloration. Resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and tears. It is fast-drying, good for layering and can be removed with warm water easily.

  • 200% stronger water resistance
  • Advanced technology
  • Dye-free eyeliner
  • Easy to remove with warm water


Liner 0.55 ml / 0.02 fl. oz

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black pen design details close up

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black brush close up


A luxe-feeling, seemingly all-plastic, pen-type packaging with a detachable cap. It isn't super lightweight but definitely heftier than your typical liner pen. Something very unique about the Moteliner is the octagonal shape of the tubing design. I would like to say it gives a better gift than something with smooth "sides" but that could just be me. The printing on it is very simple yet there is a stuck-on label with some information in Japanese.

FLOWFUSHI stands by it's quality designed brush applicator by master Japanese artists. I don't generally prefer brush-type eyeliners but I do have to say this may have changed my mind a little. It doesn't fray quickly and seems to always revert back to this well-tapered shape. The line it draws varies greatly and easily depending only on how much pressure I apply and not on whether I use the tip or the fatter part of the brush.

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black swatch

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black negative con

Color, Texture, Finish, & Scent

*Moteliner line is (or maybe was) available in Black, Brown Black, Brown, and Navy Black.

Navy black is a misnomer. The initial line dispensed by the pen is a washed-navy color. Adding even one more layer of liner quickly deepens the blue. Another layer or two gets it closer to a blue-black shade but definitely not the same as a jet black would be.

The ink and brush combination reminds me of watercolor painting. The opacity varies depending on layers with the first and lightest strokes being less intense. There is a wet look before the liner dries down but that becomes matte and shine-free afterward. It has no scent either.

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black

lavlilacs FLOWFUSHI Moteliner - Navy Black

How I Apply

Draw a line as long to the lash line as possible after applying eyeshadow and curling my lashes. I find myself having to draw short strokes if I want a thin line. Otherwise, one long stroke is okay for a thicker line. A second coat is usually always necessary for a deeper color.

Thoughts & Recommendations

The brush is a dream to use. All praises are deserved for whoever the Japanese brush masters were that created it. In the almost half a year since I've opened it, the brush has not shown any signs of actually drying out. There are no dry spots (like with a marker-tip) and the ink flows well. It is easy to control. While some may not like that it takes multiple coats to get the intense blue-black color, others may enjoy the freedom to built up color opacity.

I think the worst part about the brush, or maybe it is the ink, is that if left unused for a while the ink on the brush dries up and needs to be wiped away. The dried gunk acts like a glue and refuses to let new ink from flowing through. It detaches from the applicator, in strands and patches, pretty easily though and works like new after.

When drawn on dry, product-less hands, the ink does not smudge at all. A little of the dried surface pigment may rub off but it doesn't smear. When drawn on a matte face base and my eyelids don't get too oily or watery, the liner stays on great. As with most eyeliners once sebum is introduced though it does show some flakiness.

The weirdest part about the Moteliner, however, is that sebum, tears and friction will almost completely eliminate the eyeliner. This is actually a point that FLOWFUSHI uses in their marketing, that it is easily removed with just warm water. (Freshly drawn liner requires water and quite a bit of rubbing to remove.) But for those with teary eyes, this is not the product to be reaching for. Otherwise, yes Moteliner is water-resistant in the sense that splashing water only will not cause the ink to budge.

FLOWFUSHI says that the formula is dye-free. I am not 100% what that entails and am not too curious to search it up. I will say that from personal experience, the Navy Black color doesn't irritate my eyes at all but it does stain the skin a little if it isn't removed properly.

Chances are high that I will eventually try the UZ version out of curiosity. It promises the same great brush design and better attention to environmental sustainability. There is an impressive range of 13 colors wearable and bold colors to choose from now, in addition to an entire line of "7 Shades of Black" range. The best thing is probably the $16 price point and easier accessibility in America.

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