Wandering Tales | Smorgasburg ... Part 3

Oops...I accidentally published this draft early.
Oh well! Guess I'll have to finish it then!


I didn't think I would be able to visit Smorgasburg until it got warm again. But apparently they have moved indoors for the winter. They run every weekend (I think) along with the Brooklyn Flea in a warehouse-like building in Williamsburg. It is easy to miss, but thankfully the organizers had many signs and people to point you in the right direction.

Smorgasburg - Brooklyn Flea Market
80 North 5th Street (at Wythe Avenue)

Since Bestie S was finally free on a weekend, Bestie C and I decided to take the opportunity to bring her to Smorgasburg. (Bestie A unfortunately couldn't make it this time around. Next time!)

I think it is best to go with others, that way you could share and get to try more things. But if sharing is not your cup of tea, that's all right too!

Ramen Burger
Shredded Beef Ramen Burger $10 ...... Original Ramen Burger $8
The line was pretty short for the Ramen Burgers when we arrived, so we figured Bestie S had to try it at least once. I was surprised to see that they offered a different burger. We were going to try it but found out it was Sold-Out as we reached the front of the line. Although I have personally had enough tries of the original Ramen Burger, I wouldn't mind trying the other one at least once. But it better have tons of juicy sauce! (Because without it the burger just isn't anything too special to sing praises about.)

Outer Borough
Beef Roll $8
Bestie C had one of these while Bestie S and I were waiting for the Ramen Burger. Her's looked really good + she said it was pretty tasty, so we had to try it for ourselves. At the end of the day, the both of us agreed that this was our favorites of everything that we had. The pancake was really toasty, crunchy, and flaky. We also liked the addition of a bit of sriracha inside. I thought the filling could have had a little more meat compared to the cucumbers though. (Just personal preference.) It was well worth the $8!

Bolivian Llama Party
Bolivian Rose Petal Lemonade Soda $4
Maracuya Lemonade Soda (Bolivian Passion Fruit & Lemonade Soda) $4
Mora Basil Soda (Andean Blackberry Basil Lemonade) $4
Of the 3 sodas that we got, I liked the Maracuya Lemonade Soda the most. It tasted a lot like fizzy pineapple juice. But these aren't something that I would buy again, or really recommend. They lose their fizzies really quickly.

Red Hook Lobster
New England Clam Chowder - $7
I have never had clam chowder before, but Bestie S has (from her school cafeteria). Unsurprisingly, she said that this tasted way better in comparison. I, on the other hand, thought this was really good! Definitely great for a cold and chilly day. Maybe I need to go on a "Best clam chowder" search? Any recommendations for places in NYC?

Rice & Miso Everyday
Grass-fed Beef Grilled Rice Ball - $5 (or was it $6...forgot :X)
At this point all three of us were pretty stuff, even after we made a round through the flea market section of the warehouse. When we came back to the food area, the smell from this stall was just too attracting. Perhaps it was the sesame oil they used to grill the rice balls with? Plus, their lines were pretty consistently long. So we gave it a try. We all thought that this wasn't anything really special. Just brown rice with a little bit of beef. Scents are so deceiving! Another miss that day. They did offer rice with curry, which seemed interesting...but we were way too full to have rice + curry.

The Bruffin
Spanish Bruffin - Chorizo & Manchego Cheese - $5
Bestie C had this on her list before we even bought anything, so I thought I should give it a try too. I ended up buying one of these to try at the very end of our trip to devour during the walk to the subway station. The Bruffin is suppose to be a mix between a muffin & brioche. I'm pretty sure I've never had brioche, but this bruffin's textures (buttery and flaky) are reminiscent of a croissant. It was very very cheesy, which I love! Not complaining about that. However, I am not sure if the middle was just very cheesy or a bit undercooked...the center was a little too mushy and soft for my liking. Plus, the very bottom of the bruffin was pretty charred and stuck to the paper wrapping.


I was hoping to eat some lumpia again from the Lumpia Shack but unfortunately they weren't offerred at this location. (I think it has to do with a No-Frying-Allowed rule.) Instead there was an Adobo Shack, which I am assuming is from the same people as the Lumpia Shack. Their rice bowls looked really delicious, but the 3 of us agreed that it probably isn't the smartest choice to pick when there are soo many other stalls to try. Maybe next time! I definitely want to try more Filipino food.

There seemed to also be a lot more stands that sold sandwiches this time around. & Big sandwiches at that. Even though it is probably well worth the money, sandwiches are too filling for people/groups, like us, who go to Smorgasburg just to try food. That being said, they did look tasty though! I think I need to see if they have physical restaurants or trucks that I could go visit..


I also bought a pack of Black N' White S'mores to take home to my little brother (which we haven't eaten yet), along with 2 bottles of dressing from Momo Dressing. I'll try to update this post with photos of the S'mores later on today!

Has anyone else visited Smorgasburg's winter location yet?

Giveaway Package from rolala loves

I still can't believe my luck when it comes to giveaways.
& What timing too! Just as my finals were coming to an end, I saw rolala love's congratulatory tweet.

I'm a sucker for things wrapped in bows. I almost didn't want to open it!
But knowing something pretty was inside shooed that thought away.

Blue Nile Branch Necklace in Sterling Silver ($40)
Even though it is suppose to be a branch, I kept thinking they were antlers when I first saw it in person. Am I the only one? I wore it a couple of times in the last few days and really like the length of it. Not too short, not too long. It's a bit difficult for me to find the right necklace length. I think I lucked out on this one! I have never heard of Blue Nile before, but the necklaces & jewelry on their site all look really pretty. A bit on the pricier side, but there is a pretty wide selection of designs and prices to choose from. Hmm, must remember this site for any future gift ideas!

Gold & Navy Nails

My first attempt at the whole nail stamping thing. Definitely not perfect & all about trial and error!
The pinky and ring finger were redone a couple of times since I started off from left to right.
I was about to give up because things just weren't turning out well. But then I finally got the hang of it. (I think...)
After I've used these a few more times, I will share all my tips in a later post. Don't want to be too hasty with my opinions yet.

L to R:
Seche Clear (1 layer)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Petrol (1 layer)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 110 Wedding Glitters (2 thin layers)
Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat (2 layers)

Shany Cosmetics Stamping Nail Art Image Plate - 25 piece set
Plate: SH211

I can't wait to use the stamping kit for holiday-ish nails!
Going to get right to that after my last final on Monday.

Have you tried nail stamping designs before? Any tips & tricks?