My New Baby

11:54:00 PM mandy 13 Comments

No, I didn't have a child...silly!
My new baby is the Wacom Bamboo Fun :)

I asked my parents for one a while ago because I really wanted to do some digital artwork for my AP Studio Art 2D class at school. My mom finally agreed to get one for me over the holiday break (which is coming to an end). We went the other day to a Best Buy in Staten Island but they had all of the other Bamboos except for the Fun. My mom said I could go with my dad to another Best Buy that was closer to where we lived to get it if they had it. We went today and obviously, there it was ^__^ I was so happy. It was kind of expensive so I'm considering it as my early birthday present? :P Now I really need to stop asking my parents to get me things unless I really absolutely positively need it. (Which reminds me...I need to put up a new year's resolution post!) Anyways, enough of me talking. Here come pictures! Can't wait to play with it tomorrow.


  1. I'm aiming for this too! but its just kinda expensive for me to splurge on for now.. as i done big damage for x'mas already!

  2. Yeah it is on the expensive side. But I guess it's more of an investment. Must put good use to it and get a good great on my portfolio! ^__^

    I just did a price comparison and it's a lot more expensive in Singapore! It sucks when prices are a marked up in different countries :\

    Please do tell if you end up getting it in the future :]

  3. wow very nice!
    Happy new year 2010!!

  4. Hi there, just blog hopping.
    Ohh lucky u! I want one of those ^_^

  5. oo I love new toys! Good job on getting your mom to cave!!^^

    I don't think losing your lashes are permanent but it does make it prematurely sparse the more pressure you put on it I think. It's hard not to wear nonwaterproof mascara sometimes though! LOL

  6. omg i saw your haul post below, there are hell lot of things :D!!!

    keep us posted with the reviews maybe? :P

  7. @ Tammy

    LOL I love my mom. She usually very understanding :)
    Hmm maybe I'll try mascara and stuff when I get over my fear of poking my eye :P

  8. @ Jennifer

    It is really big. I've been wanting to review but ahh it's so hard! I'll try my best to review some though. I want to be able to help others too! ^__^

  9. you got the fun!! I kinda want the pen and touch one. let me know how you like it. those silver ones look bigger than the black ones!

  10. @ Stephanie

    LOL yups the fun :) I think it is bigger than the black ones. When I saw only the black ones at one store & thought "the fun must be about the same size". Then I saw it at another store and was kind of surprised by how much bigger the fun was! (I'm not sure how they compare in size after they're out of the box though :X)

  11. Looks great! I hope it handles well. :D I've got the Intuos 3, but I've been pretty curious about the Bamboo because of its touch interface.

  12. @ Lizz

    The Intuos 3? Whoa! They sound too intense for me! Lol I'm still in the process of getting use to the Bamboo :P