Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy New Year!
Wish everybody good health and a prosperous year :] (It sounds much better in Chinese. It doesn't sound as smooth in English. lol)


Happy Valentine's Day!


One year mark for me since I got my braces off! ^__^ How exciting. Exactly one year! After around 3-4 years I finally was able to get it taken off last valentine's day.



I was tagged last month by Tammy to do a color tag. It was hard because I don't have many red objects in my room. So a couple of days ago when I finally had the time to, I searched high and low and dug through my things and found some red things to show you guys :] It's not very exciting though, please bare with me!

A heart nightlight that I got when I was maybe...8 or 9 from Ikea.
*Shh don't tell anyone but I'm afraid of the dark! :X

A heart pillow that I think I got from a street fair a couple of years ago.
I have too many stuffed animals and such to remember where I got each one from!

Minnie & Mickey that I got from Disney Land in California 2 years ago during spring break. The first time I went to Disney and the first time I was with my family in California :]

I cheated. The stars aren't red, they're pink. But the bottle I promise is red! I use to fold a lot of stars. I have accumulated too many to continue that hobby.

A very cute stuffed animal that my friend gave me for Christmas in middle school. It isn't red but it's collar and tag is! Who doesn't love to see cute stuffed animals?! :P

Now I tag anyone else to would like to do it :]
The color I choose is...purple!


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai Mandy!! Have fun! :D

  2. Haha actually Malmo and Copenhagen has a LOT of the dirt snow you mentioned ;) but my camera didn't capture that lol they're so gross and we have to walk in them everyday!

    how are things with you? got any hauls for CNY and V. Day? :D

  3. Lol! At least there are parts where it is pretty.

    No hauls for CNY and Vday. I spent the day with my family ^__^