Feeling Slightly Relieved

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High school students in the U.S. are probably familiar with all the stress of junior year. One of the major stress contributor is the SAT. A standardized test that us students should try and do very well on if we want to go into a "good" college. To prove we have the ability to take a test under time pressure. I'm not sure if other countries also have to take these kind of tests. But they probably take something similar. (I'm assuming.)

March is one of the less hectic months this year. So I chose to take it this month. Some other classmates that were also taking it this month took a day off yesterday to cram vocabulary (it's a pretty big portion of the test). I wonder how they did...maybe all that extra cramming helped? My short vocab cramming definitely didn't help me much. Whenever I got to one that I really didn't understand, I chose not to answer it. Better than getting 1/4 point deducted for a wrong answer. One of the vocabulary questions had Anna Sui in it :P I just felt like throwing that in. It was amusing when I was reading that problem ^__^ The test itself was kind of like the practice ones that I was given at the prep school that I went to. It was a bit more nerve wrecking since this was the actual test that was going to determine my future (so important!). And like on the practice exams, I wasn't able to finish my essay. I was close but no dice. I just hope with all my might that it doesn't affect my score too much. It was a rather hard topic to discuss about too. Ahh..thinking back the English section (Reading, Writing, Essay) is really going to bring down my score. The math sections on the other hand were kind of easy IMO. But I could be wrong. Better not jinx anything...it was average :]

Now I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting for the scores to come out. I don't even know how long it usually takes for the scores to release. If anyone knows, can you tell me? The only good thing is if my score isn't as expected, I can take it 1 more time before college applications in September. But the only downside to that is...the possibility of doing worse than before >__<

Sorry if this post wasn't very interesting. I just felt like it belonged since it's my first time taking the SAT and this blog is filled with my firsts. ^__^ You're very welcomed to share your test taking experiences :]


  1. Hope you did well!
    I (think I) still have two years until SATs come rollin' around.

  2. Thank you! &
    I wish you good luck (even though it's still very early)! :P

  3. You can do it! =) Yeah in the Philippines, we have to take a similar thing like SATs, but I forgot what they called. Its everything you know already and the answers are there, you just have to figure out which one.. teehee.. I know you'll do great! =)

  4. Thank you! The results are suppose to come out on thursday. I'm very nervous :X

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