Another Year Older + Small Bday Haul

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Today felt like any other day. The only difference was it's my birthday. Unlike when I was little, I had no party and didn't hang out with friends. Instead, I did what I also do on Saturdays and went out for dinner with most of my family. Why most and not all? My uncle, grandma, and mom are all angry with each other and got into a huge fight over something that others would think is really stupid. Usually, when my family members get into fights, they would still go to each others' house for dinner or go out to each together for someone's birthday...but this time my uncle, his wife, and my baby cousin didn't come. Gee what a great way to say Happy Birthday. Here's your present, but I'm not going to celebrate your birthday with you. Yes, birthdays are supposed to be a happy occasion. Even if I don't do anything exciting, I still want to enjoy a meal with my family. But it didn't happen. And I think the situation got even worse. Now my parents aren't planning to go to my uncle's wife's birthday dinner because they didn't come to mine. Boy...and I thought kids were immature and are vengeful. I hope things get better. I hate seeing my family fight and getting all upset with each other. Ruin my big happy family picture :X


Onto something more beauty/present related :]
Very teeny weeny birthday haul.

Top: Sephora Birthday Gift
Bottom L to R: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Sand & Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Inside look at the lip butter before I start to use it.
Doesn't it look all pretty? Tempting isn't it :P

I didn't get any presents, just birthday money for I good luck (I think since it was in a red envelope and all).
I did mention to my mom about getting a DSLR but I'm probably not going to be getting that. I'd be ecstatic but would feel bad because those are pretty expensive.

So happy, happy birthday.
I think the happiest parts of my birthday was when I was napping lol
Nothing to worry about but be happy for me.
Did any of you guys have bad celebration experiences?


  1. Happy Birthday! :)
    That sucks, I had a birthday kinda like that once. It was so sad. T_T But all's well now! (I guess my package was like a little early bday present? Hahaha.)

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, did everything come in one piece!? D:

  3. Very early birthday present :] It was exciting opening it! lol

    Yup everything came in one piece. In fact, I opened it yesterday. Going to post it up soon :]

    Thanks for the Hi-Chew! ^__^ Yummy

  4. Happy Birthday~~~~!

    The Korres Lip Butter looks yummy!!

  5. Thank you!
    It's smells like candy :]

  6. Hi Mandy, happy belated birthday!! I hope you get your SLR next year if you don't this year ;) And tell us how the Korres lip butter works for you, I was thinking of picking that up myself too lol

    It's still quite hot in HK although it's considerably cooled down this week (to approx. 12 degrees celcius.) It's probably about 98-100% humidity in HK almost all the time regardless of whether it's winter or summer. Le sigh... hahah but luckily my skin has definitely gotten better! ^^

  7. Thank you!
    I hope so too. But I was hoping I could use it to take some awesome quality pictures for my AP Art 2D portfolio.
    Will definitely try to tell you. I'm so hesitant to review anything :X

    Glad to hear your skin is getting better ^__^ I don't think can handle the weather there! It sounds so sticky lol

  8. happy belated birthday Mandy <3 that's a lovely haul!! please review the Korres lip butter :D

  9. Thank you! :]
    I'll try my best. I still haven't gotten around to reviewing the maybelline concealer from like forever ago. I feel so bad now thinking back on it :X