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I'm sorry for neglecting to post when I really have no excuses keeping me from posting. I guess I've been enjoying/taking advantage of my free time a little too much hehe

I hope I could roll out some posts since I have so many drafts written.

Let's start things off with a random food post ^__^
*I didn't have these all at once. A lot of these were multiple visits to the stores.

Mini choco cupcakes. So fluffy and soft!

Egg Tart 蛋撻

Crispy Taro Puff 蛋撻

Zongzi 粽子 (I just call it Zong 粽) made by my grandma especially for me because I'm a picky eater :P
I love the sticky rice kind..According to wiki it's called Jianshui Zong 碱水粽 ?

Kimchi Fried Rice - Kimchi Bokumbap 김치복음밥
My first time eating this from Woorijip. It was a lot spicier/hotter than I thought but I managed to eat it all. I haven't had it before so I can't compare but if I remember correctly it was very sticky rice (my favorite!).

Kimbap 김밥 from E-Mo

Kimbap 김밥 from Food Gallery 32

Jajangmyun 자장면 from Food Gallery 32
First time having korean styled jajangmyun. It tasted similar to Chapaghetti but a lot better of course. I was use to the salty level from the Chapghetti so it tasted pretty good to me but bestfriend didn't like it that much. I would love to eat it again though. Mixing it was fun :D

Tonkatsu and Omurice Combo from Food Gallery 32
First time eating these two at once. The portion was enormous. So I definitely recommend sharing this with someone. I thought it would be smaller and boy did I regret it xD But nonetheless it tasted great. A little too much sauce though but ehh. I might try the omurice again but with a different choice for the filling (I think they had different options...)

I think...this was...Chicken and Spinach Savory Crepe
My first crepe experience. It wasn't bad but I didn't really like it either. Maybe because I'm not too fond of spinach cooked in that style?

PB&J Sweet Crepe
I'm very biased when it came to this one because I'm not fond of peanut butter..Good thing I was sharing with friends hehe.

We also had a Nutella and Banana Sweet Crepe that I liked much more but best friend finished that one off :P
Anyone have better crepe places recommendations?

Green Tea Froyo from Red Mango from Food Gallery 32
I love how it's self-service at the Food Gallery! My first froyo experience was very fail because I ordered plain froyo with no toppings because I never had the experience of picking toppings and such and I was too embarrassed/shy to ask LOL And boy was I shocked by the tangy/tart froyo kick. Good thing I got to try froyo a second time or else I would be missing out on a lot! But I wish the green tea flavor was there more often.

A little different..not edible this time. Well it is but I didn't want to risk eating wax haha
My lovely teacher (probably one of my most favorite teachers during my high school career) made Easter Eggs (with candle wax) for one of her colleagues. She offered to give half to me ^___^ Even though they were still raw eggs =X I think my mom has since thrown them out. They were beautiful! And smelled lovely (hehe Ms.C used scented candles..)


  1. Ahhh, you just made me very very hungry! ;_____; I want some kimbamp now.

  2. Maggie: Grab a midnight snack! LOL Good thing I ate dinner before posting this. But editing all the photos made me hungry as well hehe

  3. all yum!!!! i love those taro balls and egg tarts!

  4. Lilladylife: Yup! I can't pick whether I like the flaky crust or pie like crust more when it comes to egg tarts. Dimsum..yummy :D

  5. Yum! Everything looks super yummy, I'm getting hungry now! :)

  6. I remember those crepes with Ellaine ;D They were so sweet, but still good.

  7. So good! These food pics are so vibrant!!!

  8. Light Love: Grab a snack :P I should stop revisiting this post too haha It's making me hungry as well!

    Christie: We should find a better/another place and go again ^___^

    Rainy Days and Lattes: *SHHH* They're photoshopped =X Some of the originals from my phone were very dull.

  9. I've never seen eggs painted so beautifully like that before. @_@ And I could eat egg tarts all day! ;)

  10. Shop N' Chomp: I know..they were so pretty!! But of course she's an art teacher lol

  11. SOOOO yummmyyy~ I LOVE Jajangmyun! my fav! I'm going to eat so much of it when i go to Korea. Egg Tart = delicious*

  12. Popcorn: Have fun! I don't know when I'll be able to go but I can't wait for my turn :P Eat other foods too!!

  13. The sunscreen in the blue tube you mentioned is nice but I always have the hardest time taking it off. Maybe it's just me? =\

  14. Shop N' Chomp: I know. It feels a bit thick for my liking now :\ I always use a cleansing oil so it takes all off

  15. Oeeh the food looks so gooood haha!~3~