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As 2011 began and probably even in 2010 there were quite a few bloggers and youtubers that I followed who were talking about weight loss and working out and such. Some were giving their tid bits on how they kept fit while others were sharing how they were really trying to shed those pounds.

When summer came around I decided to try my best to not lose interest in working out and trying to lose the weight that I've accumulated over the years.
I must say it wasn't extremely successful nor a complete failure.
I did end up going to the gym more than usual but whatever I did..I never seemed to be able to get the same soreness I felt before. I was probably going too easy on myself and just making an excuse to work less since I made the effort to go to the gym. (terrible yes but saying and doing are so difference and the latter being very difficult..especially committing)

Once it came that time of the month, working out went out the window =.=

But while I was watching dramas (hehe..I'm a drama addict :X) I became motivated again. Specifically in three of them.
One where a girl lost a lot of weight through dieting and working out, jumping rope.
One where a stunt woman trained/worked out through also jumping rope. and
One where there was just a lot of action scenes in general.

They're strange influences. But I'm the type of person who gets inspired quite a lot by watching others :P

So in the last two days I've been trying to jump rope again. I didn't count exactly how many I did but I did quite a few sets of 100 or so jumps. It isn't much but I'm hoping I can build up and improve my stamina and such (I can't run on the treadmill for longer than 5mins hehe..>__>;;)

For the first time in a while my calves and legs actually felt a bit sore. It doesn't feel great but it's awesome to know that it is working..right?

With the nagging of my younger brother I also played the Wii (my lazy person's excuse for moving around :X). Maybe because I don't usually use my arms often but afterwards they were very very sore. Does this happen to anyone else? Could doing a few of those Wii Sports games everyday help me on my journey? Or is that hoping for too much out of a gaming system? did make me break out quite a sweat haha :D

With the rest of the month, as the title of this post says..
I'm going to try to commit towards these little exercises and with going to the gym.
I just hope I don't make more excuses too soon.

I'm not confident enough to share any numbers yet but believe me..they need working on :X

How does everyone else stay fit? Please do share.
Exercise wise, eating wise, I'm open for anything. ^__^


  1. It's all about perspective and how often ur body moves. I am not super thin but try to stay fit for overall health.
    I work out about 5 days a week and 1 day on the eliptical for stretching my calves.
    I try to run about 20 miles a week take spin class 3x a week and M-F try to eat more healthily but give myself a break on the weekends.

    Some ppl only run 2 miles a week and some run 40 but depending on your history and what you are accustomed to do, changes will come =)

  2. I have the same problem. I say I'm going to work out and be healthier but I get lazy and rarely do what I plan out. I want to be active just for overall health reasons and I don't really plan on losing any weight because I think I'm pretty thin as it is (I lost about 10 pounds last year from doing nothing... no idea how). However, being blessed with fast metabolism makes me even less motivated to run around because I don't have that incentive to lose weight :/

    I will say that I'm a pretty healthy eater. I almost never drink soda although I love carbs. A few weeks ago I decided to stop eating land animals like pork, chicken, and beef for animal cruelty reasons. So far, so good! I think eating more fruits and veggies is probably an easier way to be more fit because you don't actually have to break a sweat XD

    Don't stress yourself out too much about hitting the gym and being super fit in a few weeks time! Take it easy and enjoy the activities you do :) It'll probably make it easier and you'll be more motivated to exercise! ^^ Goodluck~

  3. Lilladylife: Wow running 20 miles a week! >__< Little baby steps..haha. I've never taken any of the classes that my gym offers. Mainly because most of the time it's all taken up by the older women heh and it's usually stepping. Do you do any weights or mostly running?

    AngelicBetrayal: I just hope to keep this up even when school comes around since now there is no more 'gym/pe class' to actually make me work out. Are you going towards the Pescetarian path or just temporarily? I don't think I'd be able to be super fit in such a small amount of time. Even if I lose a little I'd be happy (and hopefully it won't be just water weight xD)

  4. I don't worry about losing weight because I have a high metabolism but when it comes to exercising, I don't think of it as a chore but a necessity to feel healthy. I don't like being out of breath walking up 4 flights of stairs and no one should blame it on old age :P
    If you want to lose weight through an exercise, going to the gym regularly is good but remember to start of with sets you find enjoyment in. If you want to keep off weight you should sign up for yoga/swimming/water aerobics classes, they're really fun and especially if you have a friend to go with.

  5. I'm planning to be a pescatarian in the long run (for life) but I might allow myself to eat meat once in awhile. I'm not really doing it for the health benefits but it is an added bonus. Don't worry about reaching a goal in a certain amount of time. Try to adjust your life little by little and eventually the pounds will be flying off :) I'm sure you're already at a healthy weight so don't feel too pressured to look like the models we see on television ^^

  6. When it comes to working out, I've found that you have to find an activity you like *and* a partner to do it with or else you lose interest. For me, I am not athletic at all. My fave activity is So I hit the park with my hubs everyday. He runs and I walk. I do 2+ miles. Anyways, good luck to you! It sounds like you are off to a good start. :)

  7. Awww I'm soooo lazy too, even though I don't really need to wrok out because I have a very fast metabolism. I do play Wii Fit sometimes but you make me want to jomp rope again!

    As for your comment on my blog about the LUSH bath bombs, I just put it back in the LUSH bag it came with after it has dried up a little, but if you don't want to deal with the mess I guess you could simply store it in an empty container or a Ziploc bag?

  8. Ashley: I wish I have high metabolism! :X Right now I find it both a necessity and a chore heh Because I was never told to lose the extra weight I had I never did. But in the last couple of years I've been told to for health reasons so even though I try..I fail so it ends up giving up and if I don't make it a chore and commit to it I'm afraid I won't ever reach the goal they set for me =\ I'm too embarassed to sign up for classes xD Thanks for the advice though!

    AngelicBetrayal: Ahh! Good luck. I'm such a hypocrite when it comes to the cruelty stuff. I don't support it but then again I still eat meats :X Heh trust me I'm definitely not a health weight..>__<;; Models on t.v. are way too skinny! I just want to be normal!

    Shop N' Chomp: I'm not an athletic or particularly strong person. I just do what I find I can do and stick to it (such as jump roping and the elliptical and certain weight machines at the gym). I like walking too! I don't have anyone to work out with haha But I've heard that's a good encouragement. Thanks for the advice! ^__^

    G A B Y: I've been wanting to get the Wii Fit. It looks fun! Jump roping is fun. But after my sudden burst of jump roping my calves were in so much pain haha..Within the last few days I've done probably over 2000-3000 jumps =D