Korea Day 2011 at Central Park

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After I saw some food bloggers' sharing their Korea Day experiences last year and hearing it would become an annual event I was very excited for it to come again this year. I bookmarked it to leave a note and actually forgot about it since..until I saw allkpop's notice for the event last month. This was my first excuse all summer to go out into the city with my friends hehe :X Finally after it being postponed due to the heat last month, it was finally held last Monday. Thankfully it didn't rain like the forecast said it would!

It was really fun. And probably like everyone else I enjoyed the food they had. The only thing I regret is not being able to stay for the performances. Unfortunately, best friend had to leave early and my other friend that came with us had a bad foot and didn't want to stay too long either. So we left just before the performances. After seeing the youtube clips, they didn't seem too bad. It would have been entertaining to see and great to enjoy the atmosphere it brought. Congrats to the winner!

I didn't take too many pictures and they're not of great quality since they're from my phone (I brought along my DSLR and I forgot my batteries...hah)...Sorry! Here are the few that I did manage to get though :]

Mixing of the gigantic bibimbap!

Making dduk!! We got some to taste too not only for show :D

It was interesting to see the rice turn into the sticky dduk!
The hammer/mallet must have been very heavy..a couple of girls went up to try and they seemed to have a hard time swinging and hitting the dduk. But kudos to them for trying!

The winners of the first round of mandu making contest.
The little boy was so adorable! :P

I forgot what the name for this was but they were popping the rice.

It looks just like popcorn but the color is much lighter and the taste is much sweeter than popcorn.
Every time this mechanism went off it startled everyone. It gave a loud boom and let out a big poof of smoke!

Even though I must have heard it a handful of times since I got to the event it still scared me xD I mentioned this to my dad when I got home and he seemed to know what I was talking about..maybe it's not just a Korean thing?

A cute dog that we saw walking around with his owner at the event.
He/she reminded me of Spudgy from eatyourkimchi :P


  1. Hee hee...that looks so fun! I would've loved to try the food. That dog's pink ears rock! XD

  2. wow that bibimbap is HUGE!!! this looks so fun =] and the popped rice stuff tastes so good! i always end up eating too much of it hehe

  3. Shop N' Chomp: During the time that I stayed I was only able to enjoy the food and a few performances and events. But I thought it was worth it. Especially since the food was free hehe :P I heard there is also a Japan Day..but I haven't heard much about that other than that xD

    ShinyPrettyThings: I wish I got to try the big bibimbap! I got one line and the line for that one started afterwards :( Maybe next year? haha