Swatch: Butter London Branwen's Feather

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These pictures were edited and sat in my Photobucket account for a long time now. I almost forgot about them until I finally had the time to double check my photos over the winter break. Sorry!! >__<

After not wearing nail polish for the entire summer, the first shade I really wanted to wear again was this (Butter London's Branwen's Feather). Maybe I wasn't used to how dark it was or my hands were just unusually dry, looked more wrinkly, and stiff that it felt weird having such a dark polish on my nails. But if this is the first color I want to wear it must mean something right? :P I still haven't worn this out yet this season. Instead, I've opted for the lighter colors. I'll wear this again...possibly soon!

This is the very first expensive nail polish I bought. I stumbled upon it when I was at Ricky's in Soho. I don't know what made me actually fork out the money for this polish, but I'm glad I tried at least one of butter london's polishes.

Taken in artificial lighting

I can't say for their other shades, but this particular one applies and dries very quickly! Especially if I put a thinner layer. Then, I just put another coat and it is usually opaque enough and with no streakiness. However, if I'm lazy, I can get away with one slightly thicker coat of this polish. To what I can remember, I didn't have any indent incidents with this polish at all.

The polish looks pretty much the same (to me at least) as it does in the bottle. I have yet to come across one that isn't...But, under certain types of lighting the polish will either look like a purple to dark purple or black with a slightly purple hue.

I also like the fact that they are a 3-free company. I wasn't very much aware of those 3 "bad chemicals" in nail polishes until I read about it on a nail blog about it. It's always nice to be on the cautious side.

Overall, if there is a particular shade I feel I absolutely cannot live without it and I happen to come across it in a store OR if I had a job and extra cash to spend I would definitely want to purchase a few more butter london polishes. However, these are way out of my budget range for polishes as of right now =X I can only dream of the next time I could try another one of their shades hehe ...

Taken under natural lighting

Branwen's Feather with Essie Matte Top Coat on ringer finger

This occasion I wore Branwen's Feather, I was also experimenting with the Essie Matte Top Coat. I think in the end I put the Essie Matte Top Coat onto the others as well. It felt a bit weird to me...I still haven't gotten used to the matte look. With the Matte top coat, the polish actually just looks like a lightened black with some shimmers. The top coat actually wears away after a few days.

Has anyone tried expensive polishes before? Which one(s)? What did you think of them compared to others like OPI, Essie, and drugstore polishes?


  1. Butter London! I have been wanting to try this brand. hahaha but 14 bucks for a nail i need to find the PERFECT color. hahaha

    Cute cute color. I dont know if i can pull off such a dark color though. :) i usually go for pinks or nudes, but I think it is time for me to try some new colors.

    I have tried OPI. and I love lovee OPI. haha China Glaze is mehhhh for me maybe becuz the color I got was a weird orange one.

  2. oh! when you applied the matte top coat, the polish suddenly turned cement gray! freaky! i like it without the matte top coat. so rockstar worthy :D

  3. this shade is so pretty! quite unique. i find that Butter polishes are quite unique in color over all, even if they are mighty expensive!

  4. This is such a pretty color! I never see any Butter London nail polishes around where I live. :\

  5. Popcorn: Too many pinks/nudes gets boring! Hmm maybe you could try pastel colors next? :P

    Kumiko Mae: The matte look was strange. That phase never stuck with me..rockstar worthy? lol

    ShinyPrettyThings: They are...But even so they're very difficult to find in stores!

    Maggie: Really? Their website does says they have 2 locations in Boston. Maybe it's not near you then? :\

  6. Awesome nails! I wish I could work dark colors like that. T_T In my opinion, Butter London>OPI>Essie>drugstore in terms of staying power.

  7. Shop N' Chomp: Thanks! I couldn't get use to how dark it was after not wearing it for a couple of season lol Dark colors and so difficult to pull off =X So for polishes...what you pay is what you get?

  8. Pretty color! I've always wanted to try Butter London. I love dark colors too! need to get more

  9. Mary: This is only one of the couple of dark colors I have! I find them a little too bold for me =X

  10. Yeah! I know what you mean. Butter London polishes are so expensive! They are gorgeous though, probably the most luxe one I've seen so far!

  11. Being a blogger has introduced me to this brand. I really like all the colours I've seen. What a change with the matte top coat though!

  12. Rainy Days and Lattes: Really? More luxe than chanel? :P

    MissFeelo: That's how I found out about this brand too! Blogger world introduces a lot of things to me. I didn't really like the matte top coat (at least for this polish). I haven't tried it with other colors yet...maybe I'll have a different opinion then?

  13. This colour is beautiful! I've tried some Deborah Lippman's colours before and now I think I'll check out Butter London!

    1. I've been seeing Deborah Lippman swatches pop up on a few blogs that I follow. They all look great! Now I just need to track them down in an actual store :P Same for CND polishes and finishes!