Dolly Wink Inspired Nails - French Manicure

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After a few months of having naked nails, mine finally recovered from their weak and brittle state. I wish having my nails all pretty didn't come at such a cost! Or maybe I just need to take extra care of them if I want to paint them? What do you think? Anyways...! I couldn't wait to play around with nail polishes! I was even able to do swatches and take photos for 3 polishes and try a nail tutorial.

I've done this particular Dolly Wink french mani tutorial a couple of times in the past but that must have been a good year or so ago. Back then I followed the tutorial from I Love Nail Polish and I was kind of successful. The problems I had then were the same I had this time as well.

The most difficult of course was doing the French tip portion. Normally I would have used tape to get a perfect tip but with this particular curvy styled tape is out of the question. But I think that a little bit of practice could help get it perfect!

Here I used Essie Mademoiselle for the base and Essie Marshmallow for the tips.

Marshmallow is a very tricky polish to use. Too light a coat it'll be sheer and streaky like above. I found that putting on a second layer of the white doesn't look very good either.

Mademoiselle on the other hand is a lovely sheer and natural pink shade. It isn't anything special on its own and looks as you have nothing on...probably best for those who work in a more conservative setting but still want something on their nails. But it makes a great base for a french manicure. For these attempts I only put on one coat of Mademoiselle.

Since the first attempt didn't look too hot, I decided to redo it (ahh the perfectionist in me...!). This time I tried to use a thicker coat of white to do the tip and made sure not to touch it again after I applied. This way there is a thicker layer but as the polish dries down it does get flatter and won't have the streaks and patches like before. I used a dotting tool for the dots, but I think that toothpicks may work as well!

Does anyone have any tips to perfect this look even more? Are there any tutorials you've been eyeing to try?


  1. Love your cute nails, Mandy! I like this design more than the traditional french tip. :)

    1. Hehe thanks! :] Doing designs on nails is so tricky and time-consuming but it is usually worth it!