Kate Spade Lemmings

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I've said this before but there are times when I see things online and want to get it immediately. A handful of the times I may be able to actually make the purchase. Yet the other times...it will just go straight to my bookmarks list. Especially when it comes to designer items, more than likely my wish list items will fall into the latter group. [At least I hope it will only stay this way for now! Must study hard and get employed in order to shrink my wants list!]

I haven't heard too much about kate spade or her products. The name does pop up here and there, but to be honest I haven't really ever looked through her collection until tonight. I usually don't like to browse through designer/high-end websites because I end up with a million and one things I want to buy but do not have the ability to. [Does this happen to anyone else?] However, looking doesn't hurt...right? At least now I know where I could look toward to get the style of wallets and bags I like!

Of all the wallet choices in kate spade's collection, I really love her "continental" style wallets. They have a zipper closure and look pretty roomy. This is the exact style I like for a wallet. These are harder to find on the more affordable end of the spectrum, either you have to sacrifice the price or its looks. Why can't the world be perfect? *sigh* For now this will be first on my wallet list when I can afford to upgrade mine. Do you think these are worth the hefty designer price tag?

Mikas Pond Lacey in Gold

Palm Groves Lacey in Natural/African Violet

These two caught my eye from the current collection. Although I do like some of her wallets in the black color, it seemed a bit boring to me. Since I tend to play it safe in the colors I wear, it'll probably be wise for me to play with the colors of my accessories like a wallet. I do hope that there will be similar ones available when I upgrade my wallet!

If designer wallets are a dream for me right now...let's forget about even dreaming of bags! Still...I couldn't help but look through her handbag collection after seeing what was in her wallet section.

Cobble Hill Small Leslie

The others didn't look very appealing to me but then I saw this at the end of the page! I'm not a big fan of the all black handbag but it is classic [at least I think it is] and easy to pair with outfits. Right now, my preferred bag style is one with both a shorter handle and a cross-body strap and this fit my list well. Similar to my favorite kind of wallets, I found that these type of bags that look great and doesn't break the bank are so difficult to find! Of course, I can't be so hasty and say I love it already because some things look better online than in person, particularly the actual size is always something to consider.

Gold Coast Janine

This type of bag isn't a necessity for me, but something about it grabs me towards it. I absolutely love the quilted design to this laptop bag! It kind of reminds me of the Chanel bags' designs...don't you think so?

Skinny Mini Bow Bangle

I've been trying to change my style lately. Especially with what I wear, clothes-wise and accessories-wise. I used to wear bracelets all the time when I was younger and now the only thing that ever sits on my wrists are my hair-ties...What happened Mandy?! Anyways...! I knew that her jewelry was probably as expensive [for me] as her other products are but I still looked through it. She has some amazing pieces! In particular, I love her bows incorporated items. Maybe I'll be able to find one similar to substitute? I obviously cannot even consider DIYing this bangle!

Has anyone purchased anything from kate spade before?
Is there anything you recommend in particular? Or tips on when I can score these on sale? :P


  1. Ahh I really like the Kate Spade purse. I normally don't notice much of KS accessories because they're too symmetrical for my tastes but I've been really liking her things lately :D But then I do notice the prices on them and I'm blown away! Lol

    1. Must reserve these for special...reward-yourself type of buys because of their prices :P

  2. the skinny bow bracelet is adorable!!

  3. Nice lemmings list! I particularly like the Mikas Pond Lacey wallet (gold yet understated), Cobbie Hill bag (every girl needs a classic black bag), and Bow Bangle (cute cute cute!).

    1. I was thinking the same things!! Definitely if I do get them they're items I can use forever! :D

  4. hehe my roommate just bought a kate spade purse earlier this year and she was over the moon abt it :D her very first designer bag! my goal is to own something from marc jacobs XD maybe in 6 years or so LMAO. I'm not into black at the moment but I gotta say that black purse you have here is my favorite. I like the practicality like you said ;) and something abt it is just very classy :D