Love Package from Shop N' Chomp

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This is a post that I must get published before I dive into the pile of assignments I have due this weekend. *sigh college life!* But the most important reason is definitely because this package was supposed to have its spotlight on the blog since August! If I don't post it now, I'm afraid I'll completely forget about it soon.

Remember a couple of months ago I posted my Kate Spade lemmings? The only reason why I was so curious to "window-shop" Kate Spade's collection was because of this particular giveaway item! The cosmetic bag's pattern was so cute I wanted to see what else Kate Spade had that might also catch my eye. After seeing the prices though I thought I'd have to wait a good 5 years (at least) before I'd get my first Kate Spade product. Who knew I would actually win Shop N' Chomp's giveaway!

When I took the bubble wrapped pouch out of the box, I thought it felt oddly puffy and big. But I had no idea that she included goodies! It was such a pleasant surprise!

I haven't used either of these products yet but I've been eyeing The Body Shop Body Butters for a while now. It'll come in handy when I have parched skin in the fall and winter. Both smell great. Almost wish I can taste the fruitiness! Hah...

Thank you Shop N' Chomp again for the giveaway!!  :]
**Speaking of giveaways...Look out for one from me within [hopefully] the next month or so!**


  1. Satsuma body gel is my favorite! :) It's so fruity! ^___^ And the Kate Spade baggie is adorable!!!!!!

  2. The bag is so cuuuute! I love giraffes. :3
    And Mango body butter from TBS is my fave -- smells so yummy!

  3. Congrats for winning!I'm currently using this Mango Body Butter and while it smells lovely, I'm not sure it's moisturizing enough for my itchy eczema-prone skin x

  4. aw congrats on winning! the giraffe is adorable =D I've tried the body butters before but they feel too greasy on me O_O who knows you might like them ^_^