Neat little discovery!

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No this isn't a photo of some kind of monster figurine that has only one eye and a tongue sticking out. Silly!!...Although it does look like it could be from this angle.

This little thing is actually a toothpaste squeezer! I recently bought this Squeezeit during my visit to The Container Store with Bestie C. The intentions were just to squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube with the contraption. I didn't have too high expectations for this since, to be honest, sometimes products like these can look very gimmicky, yet we're still all curious if they really work or not right?

When it flatten my tube of toothpaste like a car tire ran over it...I got a little Squeezeit everything happy and I used it for all the opened toothpaste tubes in my house. Then I thought why not try it on other tubed products? Disappointingly, my cleanser and exfoliator tubes were just a little too wide to fit into the Squeezeit. *hint make a bigger one please! hint* I guess I'll just have to keep cutting those open for now...

For a few seconds after my tube hunting, I almost forgot I had this little tube of eye cream to try the Squeezeit on. I'm so glad I did because now I can get everything (well...almost everything) out without having to cut open the tube. I don't mind doing a mini operation on my beauty containers but it always bugged me when I have to leave the product all exposed to [bathroom] air afterwards.

So to sum it up, the Squeezeit does work! I'm sorry for thinking this was gimmicky and doubted its abilities! I bought this in a set of 2 for $2.99. It seems pricey at first glance but when I think about it again, it'll help me use a lot of product that I might just throw away if I didn't have one of these. Plus I probably won't need to own more than 2 anyways. It's a little difficult to take the Squeezeit off the tubes but it isn't impossible. After you use it on one tube, just take it off and do another!

How do you get the most out of your products?
Does anyone else get a little peeved by germs after cutting their tubes open (or is that just the germaphobe in me talking)?


  1. how come none of your posts showed up on my dashboard O_O I was shocked to see you've been updating so much!

    that is pretty neat! only if they have bigger ones! I do cut my cleansers open too... it bugs me a bit but not too much... cuz you know bacteria can't eat that stuff anyway XD

    1. Hmm I'm not sure. Maybe its a blogger glitch?
      & Really? That's interesting! :D

  2. This sounds so cool and useful! I wish I lived near a Container store. :O

    1. I think they also sell these at like Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. But I'm not sure if all of them have these. Other option is definitely online :P