October Happenings

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Even though fall began at the end of September, it didn't really start to feel like the season until a couple of weeks ago. There were still a few strangely hot and sunny days in early October and leaves (at least of the ones I saw) didn't change colors until mid-October. But I'm not one to complain because I love the in-between seasons. Rather than loving one particular season, I'm more of a Spring-Summer and Summer-Fall kind of girl.

Before the midterm rush started, I was able to go shopping. In the end, I tried more items than I actually bought. The SAs must really hate people like me...I'm so sorry!!~
Here are some things that I tried, loved, and didn't buy for one reason or another.

Isn't this quirky ring set adorable?! If I wore rings more often, I'd probably get it just for the heck of it.

I'm not much of a skirt person because I'm not very confident with my body shape but I couldn't resist trying the trending hi-lo skirt anyway. There are just certain things that look better on taller/skinnier people...*sigh*

I've been really into blouses lately. But a lot of the ones at F21 and other more affordable stores make theirs from a really rough polyester that I'm not very fond of. Whenever I see a nice blouse I end up feeling it to test its softness/smoothness. (Does anyone else do this?) This particular polka-dot button down felt sooo luxurious, yet it was also just polyester! (How can there be such a difference in the same material type?) The only reason why I didn't buy this was because I thought it made me look too old? But now I'm king of regretting not purchasing this...A girl can never have too many button-downs!

Another gem I found at Macy's, a Calvin Klein satchel. My favorite type of handbag is one with both a cross-body strap and shorter handles! Usually, Macy's handbag section is such a mess (especially at the particular one I went to) but somehow I was drawn to this bag. It looks similar to the kate spade bag that I posted about a little while ago doesn't it? However, since the price range of this one is pretty close to the kate spade bag...I decided I might as well just wait and save up for the latter.

Uniqlo DIP G.V.G.V. Long Sleeve Shirt + Uniqlo Knit Leggings in Wine | AE Knit Lace Sweater in Grey

I really loved the Uniqlo top! I just wasn't too sure about the gold/yellow/beige color. Now that I look back at the photo of me wearing it, I think I could have worked it...after a few pep talks hehe! The leggings, on the other hand, I ended up loving and bought immediately.

I haven't bought anything from AE in-store or at full price recently. They always have mark-downs and sales so Besties and I just wait it out before we order anything online. This way 1) we save because of the sale 2) if it does go OOS by the time we want it, we save even more! Now I go to the store mainly to just try on pieces to see if I like the way it looks on me and to see if things fit. (Does anyone else do this?) I tried on this sweater and really liked it. I thought it was just a muted lilac but turns out it's actually a gray. Mmm, guess the lighting really affected my color judgment that day. What do you guys think of this lace sweater?

AE Open Back Shirt in Black

Another blouse! This one has an open back which I don't mind too much. Again...something about this kind of polka-dot (well polka-feather to be more exact ha) pattern makes me feel like it ages me. But a sweater/cardigan over top could probably balance the aging effect out right?

Tests came one after another. In fact...I still have 2 left that I was supposed to take this week but was pushed back due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy hitting the city. Thankfully now I have more time to prepare for those two, and, of course, they're the most difficult ones...*sigh*

The other enjoyment of October was getting to try a lot of new foods because Madison Square Eats was by the school I go to. It was definitely relaxing to have delicious food in the middle of a stressful day! NOTE: I didn't eat these all on one day! That would be scary... Most of these I shared with Bestie C

1 Beef & 1 Chicken Hot Dogs with WangDing topping (Chinese BBQ pork belly, cucumber, scallions) &
Korean BBQ Bulgogi Burger with Asian slaw @ Asiadog

These hot dogs were amazing! The extra meat filled me right up and the sauce...so good! AHH. This was definitely my favorite of all the savory foods that I tried. The Bulgogi Burger was alright. I think it had a little too much slaw for my liking. Perhaps next time I go to their actual store I should try it with kimchi instead.

Shaved Ice with Strawberries, Mochi, and Dulce de Leche @ Wooly's Ice

Soo good! Who knew ice could taste so good...I especially loved it with mochi and dulce de leche more than with fruit but you have to have something "healthy" in a sweet dessert to balance out...hehe.

Peanut Butter, Lemon, Hazelnut, Red Velvet, Lemon and Basil, and Earl Grey Macarons @ Macaron Parlour

These were pretty good! Compared to Laduree, these shells were a little stiffer (though I did have these when they were a chilled in the fridge for a bit because they were melting by the time I got home) but overall less sweet. & I appreciate the fact that the fillings of these were mostly chocolate based.

Teriyaki Balls with Sausage & Corn and Edamame Beans in Butter and Seasalt @ Mimi & Coco

Don't be fooled by how small this looks. It is filling! I like how they reinvented (if that is the correct term) takoyaki balls but I don't think anything can replace the originals for me. The lady manning the stall the day Bestie C and I ate there was so nice. She discounted our totals because she thought we were waiting for her to make our orders for too long, in reality, it was just because we were just there too early.

Alabama BBQ Chicken Slider, Burnt Ends Beef Chili Slider, BBQ Brisket Slider @ Mexicue

Don't these just look delicious? I'm not sure if these are considered Mexican food...maybe it's fusion? Anyways, these tasted as yummy as it looks. At first, I was a little worried the meats would be too dry and the sliders too small but these proved me wrong. Even the jalapenos caught me by surprised! I didn't think I'd be able to handle them but it was milder than I thought (well they were pickled peppers...).

Pulled Pork Empanada & Coconut Curry Chicken Empanada @ La Sonrisa

Who doesn't love some fried goodness? Definitely shouldn't eat these too often. I liked the curry empanada more (then again I have a little curry bias hehe). I wouldn't recommend eating these only and calling it a meal though because I ended up feeling hungry a couple of hours later...

Carne Asada Taco & Side of rice and beans @ Calexico

Of the two I liked the tacos more. The rice and beans by themselves were a little bland to me. However! I had their Pollo Verde Burrito (which has the beans and rice inside the tortilla wrap) and that was amazing...Then again, I've never had a burrito before so I have no other benchmark to reference to.

Pork Belly Buns @ Hong Kong Street Car &

"de Bom" (Liege Waffle with Speculoos Ice Cream and Belgian Chocolate Fudge @ Wafles and DingesI know how unhealthy pork belly is...but I love it so much. Hong Kong Street Car cooks them really well and everything just melts in my mouth, literally! The only thing that stops me from buying the pork belly buns again is for 1 bun...it's $4. So small! So expensive!

Since we didn't feel full at all from the little bun, Bestie C and I went to Wafles and Dinges to get our dessert fill. I've never had one all by myself but we were hungry so we each got one to enjoy. The waffle that particular day wasn't the best that I've had from them (usually it has a pretty crunchy exterior and soft and chewy inside, the one that day was all soft and chewy). The best part was definitely their gingerbread ice cream. Cannot get enough of that!

Cinnamax (Snickerdoodle cookies with Cinnamon Ice Cream) @ Melt Bakery
Bestie had The Lovelet (Red Velvet Meltcakes with Cream Cheese Ice Cream)

I haven't had ice cream sandwiches in a long time and those were just the ones from an ice cream truck/deli. This was my first time eating a cookie ice cream sandwich. It was cold and hard. Since my front teeth are quite sensitive to the cold I had to take a small bite of the cookie and then scrape the ice cream with my teeth. It was worth it! Although...these were humongous. Halfway through I felt like I had enough X: (Could just be the Asian in me talking hah) Next time I'm going to try the Lovelet!!

Truffle Cheddar Pretzel @ Sigmund's

I've never tasted truffle anything before but I heard (from food shows) that truffle oil is supposed to be very heavy and overpowering. I didn't particularly taste that. But it was a good soft pretzel! The strange part was I ended up liking their honey mustard sauce a lot more than the actual pretzel itself...hah.

With all the days I ate out, I rarely got the chance to cook this month. The only times were when I decided to stay home and study on the weekends. Although these were supposed to be quick meals they somehow ended up taking a long time to prepare.

Oatmeal made with milk, a little bit of Agave Nectar, cinnamon, and bananas

I've grown accustomed to eating oatmeal made with milk rather than water. I know it just adds more calories but it's the way I like it...at least I eat oatmeal right? Adding the bananas was a spontaneous decision. There was a banana lying around (which usually does not happen) so I just sliced it and put them in. It tasted really good! Does anyone else eat oatmeal with fruits?

Curry ramen that I made for my brother and I

Usually, I just throw the packets of things a package of ramen comes with straight into the pot of boiling water and consume but for some reason that day I started pulling out this and that from the fridge and it came out to be like that^ in the end.

A sneak peak at one of the outfits I wore in October. I decided not to include my OOTDs here because the post was getting too long. Hope no one minds! Or do you prefer many short posts as opposed to a long monthly summary?


  1. OMG all your food is making me drool!!!

  2. Oh my god.... SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD! I'm literally drooling right now ;) The cookie cream cheese ice creams look amazing! I love cookies and I love ice cream.... Must look into those ASAP! I always seem to miss Madison Square Eats somehow even though it's right there. I need to be more observant @.@. I like the Calvin Klein satchel and AE blouse! They look nice on you :)

    1. I missed it last year because I didn't know what it was. This year I subscribed to Mad Sq Park updates just for this haha xD
      Hmm thanks for your suggestions :]

  3. Good luck on the rest of your tests! Love the satchel you got, and OMG SO MANY YUMMY FOOD PICS. I'm drooling

    1. I didn't get the satchel...although I was tempted :X

  4. I seriously died just looking at your food pics!! seriously i want to eat with you hahahah!!!!! omgosh snickerdoodles + ice cream = LOVEEEE!!! and those purple leggings look amaze on you! super good buy :)!

    1. Heh...I only ate all these goodies because there was a big group of all these food trucks/restaurants set up in one place. Usually I'm very bad at trying new things :X

  5. Hi! I love your blog! I have been following you for awhile now but never commented. Anywho, I notimated you for a blogger award! You can see it on my blog by clicking here. Have a good one!

    1. Thank you :]
      I tried to click on the link but it doesn't lead to a blogger award page. I think it's an ad?

  6. OMG NOMS! The day I go to New York is the day I gain 50 pounds.. in all the wrong places :P
    The CK bag looks cute but if it's just as much $$ is the Kate Spade bag, I'd save up too. But if Macy's has a big sale, settling would be fine too :P

    1. Isn't traveling to anywhere all about seeing sights and eating? :P

  7. lol as soon as I scrolled down and saw all the food pics... I was like maybe I should close this window now XD cuz it's getting late and I'm getting hungry T_T but I have to bookmark this page! in case I ever visit NY in the near future I will know where to go =P the hot dogs and the sliders just look simply... AHHH!!!!!! okay I think I need to go to bed right this moment. I actually really like that AE grey sweater on you! caught my eye when I first saw it ^_^

    1. Ah sorry it made you hungry..>__<
      That's exactly how I felt when I saw the hot dogs & sliders hehe