Swatch: Illamasqua Scarab

2:00:00 PM mandy 4 Comments

I usually don't anything for Halloween in terms of dressing up. The most that I would do, if anything, is paint my nails a dark color to match the overall feel of the holiday. "Art of Darkness" seems fits the Halloween spirits perfectly no?

When I got this polish from a giveaway I won a while back I thought it would be great for Halloween. The color was a little intimidating but it's a great addition to my polish collection. Personally if I was at the nail section of Sephora, this would probably be the last color I'd go for because of how dark and metallic red it is.

The Illamasqua website describes Scarab as a "deep ruby red, metallic finish" polish and that is exactly what it is.

Scarab alone (Artificial lighting + Flash)

Scarab with Essie Matte top coat (Artificial lighting + Flash)

Truth be told, I probably won't feel comfortable wearing this shade alone any other day than Halloween. (I'm not even going out anywhere in particular because of the transit shutdown after Hurricane Sandy.) But after practicing tape nail art a few more times, I think I could use this for the Christmas holiday some how...What do you think?

**I hope everyone that lives in/around the path that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy hit is alright! Thankfully nothing big happened in my neighborhood. But from reading my Facebook updates and watching the news, a lot of places seemed to have flooded and/or lost power or in a much worse situation. It's still hard to believe that all this happened...Everyone stay safe!! >__<**


  1. That's such a rich, deep color! I think you can definitely do something with it for Christmas. Reminds me of wrapping paper, hehe. :)

  2. the Essie matte top coat has the most amazing effect on the polish O_O even more appropriate for Halloween I feel like! it has a spooky effect? hehehe. I'm not big on dressing up either... too cheap/not creative enough/too lazy to come up with costume ideas ahahah XD

    1. Hmm I didn't even notice until now but you're right! I should try the matte effect more in the winter time.