Collective Beauty Haul

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I haven't done a collective haul post in a long time! Over the past few months I've bought more clothes than anything else. But that has yet to find it's way onto my blog (maybe in the future). The only beauty products I purchased were a result of necessity and the coupons I received. I think I can definitely give myself a pat on the back for the lack of makeup and skincare hoarding I've done in the latter half of 2012.
Skin79 Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil
I've tried this for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I don't like this cleansing oil very much. Then again this is one of the few items that I didn't search for any reviews before purchasing so there is no one to blame but myself.

One layer
Two layers

Thank goodness CVS included these as a part of their Winter Clearance sale! I think each were only ~$1.50. Otherwise, I probably would have never even considered buying Milani polishes. The colors always looked pretty and sparkly on the display, but drugstore polishes can be pricey. (I say this meaning any polish over $5, when not on sale, for a drugstore brand is 'pricey'.) I've been using the silver and gold polish shades a lot in particular for the holidays.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich, Beauty Insider 500 Point Perk, Becca Beach Tint - Lychee
The first Sephora hauling I've done since maybe the Spring? If it wasn't for their $15 off coupon for Beauty Insiders, I wouldn't have bought as much as I did.
Beeca Beach Tint - Lychee
Lychee looks bright out of the tube but when I apply 1 layer it turns out to be very natural. Of course, it is definitely possible to get the bright pink shade as well with a second layer.
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
After using the Naruko eye cream for what seems like forever, I was so excited to try something else. I really needed something more moisturizing and this has been delivering just that!

The contents of my 500-point perk from Sephora. I have been saving up these points for years! I haven't used any of these products so I cannot say much about them yet. I'm definitely looking forward to using the Shimmer Bloc.

After seeing what KarYi picked up with her $10 Origins coupon, I'm regretting my purchase. Their line of makeup products completely slipped my mind and all I could remember was how many people raved of their exfoliator, Modern Friction. I actually have a few unopened exfoliators lying around so I didn't want to buy a full-size of it. Hopefully I'll end up liking this and I won't regret buying it as much. All I can do now is look forward to my next Origins coupon so I can pick up the Pinch Your Cheeks blushes the next time around.

Since my Josie Maran sunscreen ran out I haven't been wearing sun protection at all. I definitely don't recommend this! When I got my $5 Extrabucks from CVS and a 25% coupon in my email, I knew exactly what I wanted to try. It wasn't hard to choose from all the sunscreens La Roche-Posay offered because I prefer to use physical sunscreens (with Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide). Now the decision of the tinted version over the untinted version was just because the untinted sunscreens at the CVS I go to were all pretty old but not yet expired. Just to play it safe I bought the tinted sunscreen since one bottle of sunscreen tends to last me a while. So far, I really like this protect!

I've wanted to try something from the Sana Hadanomy line for the longest time. For one reason or another, I never ended up purchasing anything. After not having a mist to use for the past few months, I finally got this! It's only been a week but I do like it. The only thing is the mist isn't as fine as I'd prefer. But I guess nothing is ever perfect.

What new products have you bought recently? Any recommendations you'd like share?


  1. o0o this is a great haul! I love the sparkly nail polish!

    1. Thanks :] They're my favorite of the bunch too!

  2. those nail polishes are so glittery and such a steal! The lowest I've ever seen them is $5. xx :)

    1. LOL That's full priced! Usually the drugstores like CVS has them for at most BOGO 50% off here.

  3. Nice haul. I don't know why my local sephora didn't have that Laura Mercier set because I have been saving my points for something worthy and I would've totally got it if I saw it.

    1. Maybe the 500 points perk varies from state to state? Perhaps you'll end up getting something even better :P

  4. Nice collective haul!! Can you write a review on La Roche-Posay's sunscreen please? :D