Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox

12:37:00 PM mandy 4 Comments

This box of goodies arrived on my doorsteps a couple of weeks ago. Just in time since I probably would have neglected it if it came any earlier or later due to school.

I can't wait to try everything. The only ones I don't think I will be using are the Colgate products. Bestie C is very into teeth whitening right now so I plan to let her try them instead. Plus I already have a full tube of toothpaste opened & Colgate recommends to use all three for best results. We shall see what good news (or bad news) Bestie C will have for us soon! Otherwise, I'm very intrigued by the spray on lotion. I tend to be very picky with body lotions so I hope this will meet my standards.

Have anyone tried any of these products before? Any recommendations?