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Err so my plan to get back in a blogging routine went out the window...When did the days go by so quickly? I was so sure I made the last post no more than a week ago! *sigh* Anyways, I'm going to share my opinions on a product that many of you guys were interested in a few hauls ago. Hope this can help someone out!!


One product seemed to have taken the beauty world by storm recently, Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution. All the raves for it sparked my curiosity to try it for myself . However, Bioderma is not carried officially in the USA and I do try to limit myself from ordering beauty items online. When I saw that a beauty store in Chinatown started to carry this product and for a fair price (similar to that on Amazon), I decided I couldn't wait any longer to give the product a try.
This particular product I believe comes in 3 different sizes but all with the flip-top spout. The one I have is the largest. The packaging does the job but it could be a bit better. I think I'd prefer something other than this flip-top bottle because it is a little difficult to control where and how the liquid pours out. Sometimes it'll leak and drip down the sides. However! I do remember a blogger share that there is new packaging for these cleansing waters. Instead of a flip-top it has a pump (like those at Sephora) which I think would be the best for this type of liquid product.

Product Description (in French I presume):


I have consistently used Bioderma Crealine as my sole makeup remover for the past few months. I have to admit it was hard for me to decide whether  I liked this product or not. One of the main reasons being, I am a bit very bias towards a particular makeup removal method. I started my makeup and beauty journey being a cleansing oil girl. Cleansing oils are probably the quickest and most heavy duty makeup removers out there. So the switch to a cleansing water was very different for me.

Like with any other product, with the exceptions of maybe HGs, there are positives and negatives to the Bioderma Crealine.

✔ very gentle
✔ not messy
✔ pleasant, light fruity scent
✔ doesn't sting or irritate my face or eyes
✔ leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated
✔ can remove some eye makeup (eyeshadows)
✔ doesn't leave a residue (when it dries down feels like when I don't have makeup on)
✔ not many of the common harmful ingredients (ex: parabens)
✔ very simple product & free of extra/unncessary additives (ex: fragrance & color)

✘ needs way too many cottons pads to remove all my makeup
✘ eyeliner and mascara removal takes a bit of effort
✘ rather pricey and difficult to get a hold of in the USA

But the reason why it ended up being a love and hate item on my list is because the pros and cons seem to balance out each other despite one list outnumbering the other.

I always found myself gravitating towards the cleansing water even though I had a bit of cleansing oil left that I was easily accessible. That must mean that I like it enough to keep going back to it right? Perhaps it's because I love how mess free and simple it is. Unlike most cleansing oils, this also does not leave my skin dried out or make it feel tight.
This was after (what I think) a light makeup day.
In terms of number of products it seems like a lot. But it was the amount of each that made it 'light',
Maybe not yet half a squirt of primer, a pea size amount of BB cream,
a bit of concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and pencil eyeliner.
The problem really come from having to use so much more of the cleansing water and cotton rounds in order to get the job done and well. Regardless of whether it's a light or heavy makeup day, I could easily use 3+ cotton rounds (back & front) yet still have traces of yellow residue on the next cotton round. As for removing eye makeup, this only does a mediocre job. It isn't impossible but I would definitely recommend sticking to your favorite eye makeup remover for that task. It just boggles my mind to think of how much product and cotton rounds I could go through if I ended up really loving the Bioderma Crealine for makeup removal. Whenever I use this product to wipe off makeup, I feel like I must put in more effort to double cleanse afterwards with a cleanser.

While in the process of trying out this product, I came across a couple of bloggers/Youtubers who shared their experiences with this cleansing water. Some feelings were so-so, while others were negative. But their methods and suggestions on how they repurposed the product was very interesting.

Lifeandlensofbeauty mentioned that she started to wipe her face with the cleansing water AFTER a round of cleansing oil. For her, she found it was able to pick up more gunk and residue which I found fascinating. I gave it a try and didn't end up with much residue on the cotton pad. Perhaps this would be different depending on the cleansing oil. But it is definitely not a bad idea to take extra precautionary measures when it comes to makeup removal anyways.

Pinkiecharm on youtube mentioned she used this in the morning as a gentle cleanser rather than as a makeup remover. Of the two suggestions I came across, this one worked best for me and made the most sense. After my skin started to break out like crazy in the last half of the year, I have gotten to the point where I sometimes don't do anything to my skin to try to let it balance itself out. The problem is I always get a little annoyed because my skin feels so dirty and a bit oily but I don't want to further irritate it because I don't know what exactly is causing my breakouts. Now, using the cleansing water doesn't particularly help nor prevent my breakouts but it does ease my mind loads in terms of feeling clean.

Oh the troubles of having conflicting feelings. After thinking it over, for myself at least, the Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution will sadly not be replacing the role of cleansing oils in my makeup removing routine. But I may consider repurchasing this as a morning cleanser and as an precautionary makeup removal step depending on if my breakouts and skin gets any better with this addition to my routine. After finishing this I am also thinking of giving the oily-acne prone skin version (in the green packaging) a try. However, I heard that formulation was definitely more harsh in comparison to this, so I am going to have to think about that a little more.

Here are some sites that sell Bioderma for those who are curious and would like to try them out. They seem to sell for more or less in the $30s range online (sans shipping). I think outside of the USA, the deals are much better though. So if you get the chance to while abroad, you could always grab yourself a bottle then!
Sasa (It goes by Sensibio instead of Crealine)

Nonetheless, I still wonder why so many people love it as a makeup remover. Is there a trick to using this that I am not getting? How do you use this product? Please share your routine down to the number of swipes and direction of wiping you make! Perhaps I am doing something wrong... For those who have yet to test this product, do you still think you will still give it a go?


  1. I was intrigued by this cleanser but after reading your review, it doesn't sound all that impressive. For the price, it really should remove all your makeup more easily.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Definitely! But as a gentle cleanser this does work quite well

  2. I strongly prefer cleansing cream but this does the trick. I opt for a cheaper alternative though, pure jojoba oil because I've had a hard time getting these bioderma oils! :P

    1. How does jojoba oil work to cleanse makeup? Do you just wipe and follow with a cleanser?

  3. I agree, I've always had trusty cleansing oil for makeup removal. <3
    I tried a sample of Bioderma in the green bottle & it broke me out. :o

    1. Ahh I heard some people say that too. Reason to consider before this bottle runs out

  4. yeah i found you need loads of cotton pads to remove makeup! I now use cleansing oils first + then the bioderma micellar water + facial wash to remove it. I'm hoping that the bioderma micellar is an extra gesture to remove any residue instead of using it as an initial product to remove heavy makeup!

    1. Can never be too careful when removing makeup! BTW, thanks for sharing your tip :)

  5. It took me awhile to get on board with cleansing waters and at first I had the same problems as you. I felt like I was using wayyyy too many cottons rounds and my skin wasn't getting as clean as quickly as when I use cleansing oils. But I keep trying cleansing waters anyway because there HAS to be a reason 95% of beauty bloggers love them! I just bought two huge bottles of Bioderma for less than 16 euros (about $21) so if anything, I'm glad I didn't pay the marked up online price!

    1. What a great deal! If you figure out why there is such a following for cleansing waters, tell me the secrets behind it :P

  6. I'm so glad that your review is up! Now this product definitely has no attraction for me anymore XD I don't think you're doing anything wrong... most gurus I follow who use only this to remove makeup are non-Asians (they don't need water proof makeup -_-"), or like you said they use a cleansing oil preceding to this. To me what's the point of buying this if I need my cleansing oil anyway... LOL

    1. Hehe sorry for the long wait! I ithink it's great as a morning cleanser. But just not as a makeup remover :T