Pastel Rainbow Nails

10:06:00 AM mandy 7 Comments

L to R:
Seche Clear ... Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer ~ 509-HD,
American Apparel Rose Bowl (pink) ... OPI Rumples Wiggin (purple),
OPI What's with the Cattitude? (blue) ... Revlon Buttercup (yellow),
American Apparel Office (green) ... Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat
My nails are finally strong enough for polish! I felt like I haven't done my nails for yearrrss (it's probably only been half a year lol). I had such a hard time deciding what color to choose. So I ended up using 5 colors instead to make the decision easier. Who ever said we can only use one polish color at a time? :P Would you do the same or was I just a little bit too excited?


  1. I love how your nails turned out! :)

  2. I love your nails and I have the same glittery polish. I like how well it layers. ^^

    1. Thank you! & I love to layer it as well. It's a little too glittery for me to wear alone xD

  3. It looks interesting, you're very handy :)
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