Light Teal & Black

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It is really bad of me to be typing this right now. (I have two papers due tomorrow night...) But after trying on an AE dress that arrived in the mail today and not liking it, I got distracted with ideas on how I could pair the skirt that I bought recently from Forever 21. I was so excited that I ended up taking some photos instead. Plus if I don't type this now, it will probably stay in Draft mode until next month/year, yikes!

Being productive for the blog & procrastinating school work. What great time management I have huh?
Fear not! Those assignments shall be done overnight; that is just how I operate...crunch time!!


I haven't worn skirts or dresses much since I was in the single digits. But I have been more willing to try them lately. I think the last time I wore a skirt was for my middle school graduation ceremony. The last time I dressed up was for high school prom and graduation. Time is really flying, as cliche as that is, my first semester as a college Junior is already close to an end!

I really liked the fit and style of this particular skirt but only found it in black at the store.
I only have this one pair of tights, that are also black.
& I got the black booties a while back for when(ever) I decided to wear dresses/skirts.
Since everything on the bottom half is such a dark color, pairing a lighter top makes a lot of sense.

The sweater top makes this outfit a bit more casual & probably would be even more so if sans the tights. But it is getting colder here in NYC. Plus, I am self-conscious of wearing skirts in general and this skirt looks better when worn waist-high versus hip-high.

AEO Factory Slouchy Crew Sweater - Ocean View
Forever 21 Love 21 Skirt
Uniqlo Tights
Steve Madden Remingtn Bootie - Black Nubuck

Left           Right
All F21 bracelets & bangles           Bulova watch
          Handmade bracelet
Even though this is a more casual look, it still seems more like a special occasions type of outfit. (Occasions that don't exist for me yet anytime soon.)

Are there ways that I could dress this skirt down even more? Or skirts in general...
Unless I am not being open enough to the possibilities? What do you think?


  1. Cute outfit. I really like the watch.

  2. Hey Mandy :) I really like this outfit and how you paired an all black outfit with a pop of blue! I also love the cut of this skirt and it's kind of tempting me to go into F21 even though I haven't bought anything from there in a long time :P I think adding a belt or some kind of accessory to define the waist would be a good idea because at the moment your body gets kind of lost beneath the oversized sweater.

    1. Hmm I'll try that soon! If I have enough courage, I might wear this outfit next week >__<

  3. I like! I agree though with Kar Yi L. A belt of some sort to define the waist would be great! The sweater indeed makes your waist get lost behind the loose-fit sweater. But overall the skirt looks cute and so do your accessories! Especially the watch.

    Oh and about the PMD device, I shall report back as soon as I start seeing results! :)

  4. YOU SHOULD WEAR MORE DRESSES/SKIRTS!! you're so cute in them!! omgosh i love this! that shirt is adorable on you!!

    1. lol thanks! Getting lots of inspiration from some of your outfits :D