Recent Beauty Buys

11:16:00 PM mandy 4 Comments

Oh what coupons and shipping minimums can do to a person...
These are definitely things that I don't need to have, but they have been on my (vey long) wishlist.

L to R: Shany Stamping Nail Art Plates - 25 set,
Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Konad Double Side Stamp Set

I received a $10 coupon for Origins a while back. Since I really do not need anymore full sized skincare items at the moment, I picked this travel-sized mask instead. I have read some good reviews for this mask. Hopefully it works well for my pores!

I was always so envious of NOTD photos that had really pretty designs. Come to find out many of them used these kind of stamping thinger-ma-bobers. I remember these were really popular a couple years back, are they still? I tried it immediately after taking photos and really love it!

Have you tried any of these items before?


  1. Yep I have the Konad stamping kit, although I left it back in Texas (I now reside in Alabama). It's a pretty nifty thing! I haven't tried the Origins mask though. The only thing I've tried from origins is their face powder wayyyyyy back when. Hope the mask works out for you! Do let us know if it does. I'm always on the lookout for great skincare products :)

  2. I must to use more often the stamping kit :) enjoy yours!

    1. Thanks! I'm itching to use them for the holidays :D