Skin79 Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil

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I actually finished this bottle of Skin79 Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil a few months back and had every intention to review it. But, unfortunately, it didn't happen. Here's a quick post before I really forgot everything about the product. Hopefully I got down as many details as I can remember.
This was one of those products that I bought because my cleansing oil at the time was running out. I bought it from a beauty store in Chinatown (in Manhattan) for ~$17 (if I remember correctly). However, I purchased this without reading any prior reviews and truly went in with experimentation in mind. Coming from a brand that is most known for their BB Creams, I was thinking that their cleansing oil shouldn't be too bad for makeup removal. So home it went with me!
Here are some of the packaging details for those who understand Korean. Luckily the ingredients list is in English, so don't fret for those who are conscious about what is in products.
As with most cleansing oils that come in pump bottles, the new bottles come sealed and with a stopper to prevent any leakage pre-purchase. The trouble came afterwards when the cleansing oil seemed to slightly burst through the pump with each use and leaves the bottle an oily mess. I wish I took a photo of it to more accurately show what I mean but my mom must have thrown out the bottle when she was doing a thorough cleaning. But compared to something else, this is a rather insignificant problem.

The main dislike I had was this formulation. It really stung my eyes! This was not even a result of me specifically use it to remove eye makeup. Even when I avoided rubbing my eye area with the product, the cleansing oil & residue eventually makes it way around my (closed) eyes when I go to rinse the product off. That milky-residue-water made my eyes really burn. Of the cleansing oils that I have used, some did make my vision a little, temporarily, cloudy. But none has ever stung my eyes like this one did.

Due to that reason, I actually dreaded going through this bottle the whole time I had it. This was also why I ended up trying Bioderma in late-spring through the summer, when I still had about half a bottle of the Skin79 Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil left.

Otherwise, the cleansing oil took off both light & heavy-ish face makeup pretty well. This product did leave my skin a bit tight afterwards. But all cleansing oils (that I have used thus far) pretty much have the same effect for me, so I am not going to nit-pick on that point.

I don't quite remember if this cleansing oil had a runnier or thicker consistency, but I do remember that I used around 2 pumps during each cleanse. I presume that a bottle would probably last a few months with consistent usage.

Even though it is on the less expensive side for a cleansing oil, this is something I would definitely not repurchase. Unless, who knows, maybe I got a dud? Any who, with the cleansing oil trend picking up in Western brands I think I may give those a try first before I have to consider this specific one again.

Have you tried any bad cleansing oils before?
Do share! That way we can know beforehand what items to cross off the "To try" list.


  1. Sorry to hear it burned your eyes! The Biore one did that to me too and I couldn't bear to use it anymore after that.

    1. Ah no! I heard so many people like that one & was going to try it soon...
      The search continues then :O

  2. I haven't tried a cleansing oil that I would say is bad, but there was a cleansing milk I tried that stung my eyes like this product did for you! The Body Shop has 2 cleansing oils now I believe but the one I tried didn't emulsify like other cleansing oils I have used. It's a part of the Shiso(??) line.

    1. I haven't been keeping up with The Body Shop items...but I guess I can cross one more item off my list to try then!

  3. thanks for the review! I tried out a couple of skin79 skincare products ages ago with the same rationale... I thought since I really like their BB cream the skincare shouldn't be too shabby. I think I ended up tossing out everything -_-