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First post for 2014!
Thanks Kar Yi for tagging me!
I haven't done a tag post in a loonnngggg time. But I figured I should sit through and type it all out before I get distracted with other things. This should be fun!

30 Random-ish Facts about Me:
1. I am an over-thinker. It takes me forever to start to do or say anything because I try to think of all the consequences.

2. So I am also very indecisive. I almost can never decide what I want to eat/do because everything looks interesting. Or the 'consequences' I come up with end up talking me out of it. Then I tend to stick to the safer/more routine options.

3. But I like and want to try new things (as long as it isn't TOO risky).

4. I have a long list of interests as a result. But don't keep up with as many of them as I would like to. (New year's resolution?)

5. These are reasons why it took me forever to decide on a major. But hopefully, things turn out well. Even if it doesn't, I have come to terms with the idea of not living a 'great' & 'well-off' life.

6. I finally decided to be a Marketing - Advertising major (with a heavier focus on the digital side). Along with being a Graphics Communications and Computer Info Systems (with e-biz and web design focus) minors. Ehh ... not sure why I did this to myself for my last 1.5 years of college, but I think they are all interesting topics.

7. I get very attached to things and people.

8. I have a lot of 'junk' that I think is sentimental. (Like my grandma ... well used to.)

9. I fear of being judged (whether good or bad). I don't like it when people judge me or anyone else. Yet I subconsciously do it all the time. (New year's resolution?)

10. I don't like feeling awkward. But I find myself feeling awkward often. Maybe that's why it's hard for me to meet new friends? Or start and keep conversations?

11. Perhaps a combo of #9 & #10 keeps me from sharing my blog & social medias with people I know in real life?

12. I tend to act like a kid ... a lot.

13. When I am determined ... I fully devote my attention to it and can lose track of time easily.

14. I think I have a lot of patience?

15. But I also get irritated and angry quite easily... (go figure!)

16. I am very emotional. Sad things/fear make me cry very easily. So it probably isn't the best idea to watch a sad movie/TV show with me unless you want to see me bawling my eyes out with a tissue box in hand.

17. When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher because I really love little kids.

18. In high school, I really had no idea what I wanted to be in the future. Some things I listed were interior designer, architect, photographer, and entertainment related (whether in-front or behind-the-scenes).

19. I haven't been outside of North America in 19 years. If things go well and I get to travel next summer, it'd be my first time back in Asia in 20 years!

20. I'm a total homebody. I don't mind just spending my time inside, even if I don't do 'anything'.

21. That being said, I do like to and want to go explore new places.

22. I have been wanting to go to Korea since I was in middle school.

23. I have thought of living/working abroad before. But don't know what I would do there...

24. I sometimes wish I had the courage to do something YouTube related. Not for the fame, but for the more relaxed/do-whenever nature of it.

25. I love to bake and cook. But tend to fail at it most of the time. Practice makes perfect? ... !

26. I am a total night owl. I like to have things done before I go to sleep (or take a nap in some most cases) rather than leaving things unfinished and trying to wake up earlier to complete it.

27. Being a procrastinator doesn't help #24. But I found that keeping lots of lists (everywhere) and a planner helps a little bit.

28. I try to be a perfectionist. Though...sometimes it gets to the point where I have to tell myself to not be.

29. I think I underestimate myself a lot?

30. The future ... My future scares me. Especially since I don't have a concrete plan & am just taking things as they go. (Probably not the smartest idea though.)

Anyways! Here's to 2014!
Hope some of these weren't too personal.

I am not sure who to tag... So I'll leave it open for anyone who wants to share a bit about themselves!


  1. Happy New Year! =D You sound like a normal person...I am afraid to be judged too =P Nice read!

  2. Judging (sorry!) from your facts, we'd probably get along well since I'm kind of the same in a lot of departments :P

    1. Cool!! Hard to meet many people with lots of similarities =D

  3. wow, you shared so many personal things :) I actually can relate to a lot of the things you said hehe (especially about not taking risks and being homebody, YAY!) I don't share my blog/social media with ppl I know in real life either LOL. at least not in pharmacy school.
    Are you going to Korea for study abroad this/next year..????? just taking a guess from something you said on instagram a while ago lol.
    and #30... I'm scared about my future too :/ but I think it's okay to take things one day at a time... if I don't I get depressed and overwhelmed by all the uncertainty (dramatic much? haha). I really do believe some things will work out in the end, plans or not :)