Finally Feels Like Spring

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What beautiful sunlight we have.
What nice breezy weather there is.
What pretty flowers are a bloom right now.
How nice to meet you again, Spring.

Daily makeup skincare products on top of bedside table

I am alive! If anyone here follows me on Instagram, there were a few more updates there than here in the past half a year or so. This seems to happen a lot doesn't it? But inspiration comes and goes with me I guess.

Daily makeup skincare products on top of bedside table aerial view

With the nice weather and bright sunlight around more often now, I felt like my room needed a little clean up. Hey, it isn't called Spring cleaning for nothing! Sunlight definitely makes all the dust specks more noticeable.

I also realized that I haven't shared how I stored my beauty goodies since 2012...that's a whopping 4 years time lapse! To be honest though my storage setup didn't change much in that time period. (If anyone is interested in the before situation, here's a link to my makeup and skincare storage in 2012.)

Daily makeup skincare products on top of bedside table portrait view
Daily jarred skincare products and makeup brushes on top of bedside table Daily makeup and bottled skincare products on top of bedside table

This bedside table I have has come a long way. Back in 2012, when I first moved in, it was my computer desk. After I finally found an actual table, it became a typical beside table..."Knick-knacks and Other Junk" drawer. As of now this single drawer system is the home to a good part of my beauty stash.

All my daily (or try to be daily) makeup and skincare goodies have a permanent home on top of the table. Everything is plain to see and easy to grab. I have found that I am super inconsistent with skincare, let alone makeup. If things are hidden or difficult to get to, it is more than likely that I will not even bother to reach for it. This way I set myself up to use these products. So far, so good!

Makeup storage in bedside table drawer

Other than the repurposing of the bedside table, my makeup organization situation really had not changed much over the years. However, last year, I had the sudden urge to go through everything in my makeup collection. This was in the midst of the whole "simplify your life" and "downsize now" trend. Plus, I knew in the back of my head that there were just some things that I was holding on to for way too long. So it herald the "Great Beauty Purge of 2015 for Mandy"!

I tossed away many many tubes of old BB Creams, powder products, and lip products during the purge. It felt so nice afterwards to be left with a somewhat reasonable collection. The process knocked some sense into me: don't buy so much since you can't use it up fast enough! (Hence the lack of haul posts. But don't be fooled, I have bought beauty goodies here and there. The purchases are just so sparse that I forget to take record of it.)

Now all the makeup items that used to sit in 4 separate drawers (1 for foundations and concealers, 1 for powders and blushes, 1 for eye and lips, and 1 for brushes) sit perfectly in 1 giant drawer. The location of it also helps since I do my day and night routines right to the left of this bedside table.

New makeup storage in Ikea Expedit drawers Facial masks storage in Ikea Expedit drawers New skincare and miscellaneous beauty products in Ikea Expedit drawers

Now the IKEA Expedit drawers that used to house my opened makeup stash has been filled with the new and unopened items in my collection. All the cushion refills I hoarded in Korea, eyeliners and mascaras, masks, etc. everything separated to, again, be more easy to see. I used to keep everything in one basket but it is really hard to tell just how much of what I was hoarding when things are piling on top of everything else.

*Imagine another image with a drawer of nail polishes and nail decorating things. I forgot to take a photo of that and am too excited to post to make up the shot now.

Daily cleansing skincare products on top bathroom counter

The other part of my skincare routine of course are the very important cleansers. Ever since I started using makeup and sunscreen, cleansing oils have been my one and only remover friends. (Okay, I strayed once or twice with cleansing waters but I figured out oils were the ones for me.) As the trend of my storage goes, these guys sit out in the open as well on the bathroom counter. No excuses! Must take off everything before bed!

*Again, please imagine inside the bathroom cabinets there are other new cleansing, exfoliating, and hair products waiting to be used.

Ahh, there! My first post of 2016. My new and tidied beauty collection and storage.
Hope you enjoyed if anyone is still following my little blog!
How has your makeup collection changed, if it has?