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Project Make A Dent 2016

Is this Project Make a Dent still a thing? (I have been pretty off the beauty world and blogosphere radar lately.) Regardless, I was so satisfied with my year long commitment to a select group of makeup items in 2015 that I chose a new round of products for 2016.

It may be April but I had actually started this back in January at the start of the new year. But don't worry, these photos were truly taken back then so you will definitely be able to see changes (if any) at the halfway update in June. Now this post is just a matter of making it all blog official.

Project Make A Dent 2016 Liquid and Cream base products - Before results

L to R: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Maybelline Angelfit Pore zero Base SPF 25 PA++, and Lancome Teint Miracle in 6W Buff

These are the base products that got chosen for the journey. Both the Clarins items were brand new when this PMAD began. They came in a value set from Sephora a while back. Both sound to be promising primers for makeup. The Instant Smooth, of course, is suppose to hide pores and lines, while the Beauty Flash Balm says to "instantly moisturize, brighten, and tighten" according to Clarins & Sephora.

I decided to add another primer, Maybelline Angelfit, to the pile because it is also getting old. It may even be past it's due date but it hasn't broken me out yet (I don't think). No matter what is left after this year, it is probably time to toss at the end. So why not try to make the most of it!

This Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation was passed onto me by J. When I want to feel made up but still be on the natural side, this product comes in handy. It isn't my favorite everyday foundation though, that place definitely goes to cushions. In fact, when I am not using the Lancome one I reach for the BB Cushion instead. I didn't include that with the PMAD because I don't have the "not reaching for it" problem like with these products (surprisingly).

Project Make A Dent 2016 Clarins Lisse Minute Instant Smooth - Before results

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

A closer look at the Clarins primer. Brand, spankin' new! From personal experience, this tub of primer make look little but potted products go a long way. I already foresee the possibility of one or two of the three primers not being used much this PMAD round.

Project Make A Dent 2016 Powder makeup products - Before results

Top L to R: Maquillage Face Creator, Maybelline FIT Me! Pressed Powder in 220 Natural Beige, and MAC Mineralize Blush in Utterly GameBottom L to R: MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me, Etude House Model Face Color in 2 Model Shade,  Visee Glam Nude Eyeshadow Palette in N-1

Project Make A Dent 2016 Maybelline FIT Me! Pressed Powder 220 Natural Beige - Before results

Maybelline FIT Me! Pressed Powder in 220 Natural Beige

After the great success I had at finishing a pressed powder last year, I couldn't wait to tackle the rest of the powders I had in my stash. I remember buying this FIT Me! powder around when it first came out but never really using it. Sometimes I feel that the shade looks a bit dark on me but it is negligible. The powder has very clear speckles of shimmer in it but it doesn't really translate onto the face, so don't worry about looking like the characters from Twilight. It isn't my favorite powder but it gets the job of setting makeup done.

Project Make A Dent 2016 MAC Mineralize Blush Pet Me  - Before results Project Make A Dent 2016 MAC Mineralize Blush Utterly Game  - Before results
MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me
MAC Mineralize Blush in Utterly Game

I know picking two items in the same category usually means one will be forgotten through the year. But with blush...I just have so many that I wanted to at least give myself the opportunity to put a dent in 2 of the many during this year. From January until now, the former prediction is holding true: I've been using Pet Me exclusively. But hey, it is a safe color for all year round. Now that it is getting warmer though, I can see myself reaching for the orange-y shade of Utterly Game a little more. We'll see?

Project Make A Dent 2016 Etude House Model Face Color 2 Model Shade - Before results

Etude House Model Face Color in 2 Model Shade

Oh the player from last year showed up again for 2016! How can it not? Look at the pan sighting! It was just begging to be panned out.

Now to be honest, around February or so, I must have swirled my makeup brush in the product a little too roughly suffered a powder casualty. It broke into bits and pieces and fell onto the floor. It couldn't be saved. This still counts as panning, right?

Project Make A Dent 2016 NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder 720 Sunny - Before results

N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in 720 Sunny

The replacement after the accidental pan-out of the original bronzing/shading powder for this PMAD. Like many other products I own, the bronzing powder is getting too old. My blog records show I got this in 2010... But I will be a little more forgiving since it is a powder and I do spray my powder products with alcohol every now and again. I can't attest to how a fresh version of this bronzing powder will work (or if N.Y.C. even still carries this) but mine picks up and applies pretty sheer. This isn't a problem for me since I don't do defined contouring anyways. It just adds a little color for a more subtle shading effect.

Project Make A Dent 2016 jane Shimmering Blush 01 Natural Blush - Before results

jane Shimmering Blush in 01 Natural Blush

The second add-on item to this Project Make a Dent, jane Shimmering Blush. If anyone realized that I showed the Maquillage Face Creator palette in the group photo but not in a solo shot, you were right! It is because I decided to stash that for travel-only. It is such a handy makeup palette for on the go that I wasn't ready to completely use it up this year.

The jane Shimmering Blush isn't really a highlighter nor is it easy to only pick up the white highlight color. Nonetheless, I used it as such because of it's shimmery factor. Depending on how much I swirl a brush into it or how dense the brush is, the blush colors don't show up too prominently.

Project Make A Dent 2016 Kose Visee Glam Nude Eyeshadow Palette N-1 - Before results

Visee Glam Nude Eye Shadow Palette in N-1

I've learned from last year. I need to put more effort into using eyeshadows. I decided to go for a different palette this time around as encouragement. Maybe the last one just wasn't enticing enough? This Visse Glam Nude palette has a few skin tone like shades. If my sole purpose was to pan an eyeshadow that would work well! But there are also two darker/coppery shades available in case I have a change of heart towards eyeshadows.

Project Make A Dent 2016 Lip products - Before results

L to R (clockwise): Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 680 Temptress, L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in 418 Caring Coral, and Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

2016's plan for lip products: lip balms and my-lip-color colors. Well, I guess that's practically what 2015's selection was as well. But these give an even more natural looking color pay off...? I know some people don't like the Colour Riche Balm's because the color pay off is pretty non-existent but for me (speaking as someone who only as this 1 shade in my stash) it is just right. I wouldn't necessarily use this in place of a lip balm though. To me it is a good sheer lip balm that can look lip gloss-y without the tackiness.

There you have it, Project Make a Dent 2016 Edition!
Let's see what happens in June at the half year mark. Maybe my predictions won't be true? Or since I'm reflecting on this in April the potential hiccups in the project will be more fresh in my head this time around.