August Hauls

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A part of me can't believe that it's been over 2 years since the last haul post on this blog. But looking back on it, I know why and how it happened. The main culprit was that I never shared the massive beauty haul from Korea. Inevitably, a month went by. Then two months. Then two years. It was very easy to fall off track once something wasn't a part of my routine anymore. Waiting to use products, taking photos, and sharing them were habits that became no more.

As I began to clear out the super old products in my collection that I had been hoarding, I realized how useful those past haul posts could be. Some items that I thought were not too old were actually quite the opposite. Having some sort of record helped me hoard less and made it much easier to toss out unloved products.

lavlilacs august 2017 beauty haul skincare

Thus I have decided to revive the haul posts again! I would be completely lying if I said I don't spend an extraordinary amount of money on beauty products compared to most people. But compared to me from 2+ years ago, I can say I have been scaling things down.

This August 2016 edition features some skincare essentials in my beauty routine. Eye makeup remover, sunscreens, and foot peeling masks. While the Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling Mask are both repurchases, the two bottles of sunscreens are new buys.

lavlilacs august 2016 asian beauty haul

I am not very loyal to any particular skincare or makeup product. It doesn't help that there is always new releases and innovations in the beauty world. When my sunscreen was running low, the hunt for a replacement was on. My specifications? Physical sun protection. Doesn't leave a white mask.

Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Sunscreen SPF 50 and Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ seem to fit the bill ingredients wise. But the true test is definitely whether it comes with a white cast or not. But hopefully not.

lavlilacs august 2017 beauty haul skincare

A Mandy haul isn't complete without at least one impulse purchase, now is it? Bestie C was purchasing the Kojie san Skin Lightening Soap and said it was similar to the papaya soaps that were really popular a few years back on the Soompi selling forums. I remembered having decent results with that soap for exfoliation and my summer tan lines back then so I was intrigued by this soap. I don't have any expectations since it isn't a brand or product that I have heard of before. Let's see how it goes!