Bag storage evolution

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lavlilacs bags reorganizing

For me, perfect is a word that is usually never put in the same sentence with organized. Things may seem like they were placed well at the moment. But maybe a year or so later I can completely rethink everything and find an even better place for it.

My bag collection has moved around quite a lot since I first moved into this house. Everything used to be& sprawled across a shelf inside the closet. Then I got a couple new bags and the shelf became an eyesore to look at and dig through whenever I was pressed for time to leave.

lavlilacs bags reorganizing

I upgraded to an accessory hook as I bought more clothes and needed the shelf space. The Container Store is a treasure trove for organization enthusiasts. Although the Classico Accessory Hook was described to be for scarves, belts, or ties, it was a great solution to help consolidate the space my handbags and book bags were taking in my closet. Plus for $2.99 it was a quick and inexpensive solution, at the time.

Little did I know, I was solving a space problem but creating a practicality problem. Getting to other bags was a pain in the butt. If a bag was hung a long time ago, it required me to take out every bag that was hung after that to get to it. The exception was for cross-body bags; those have long straps and I could easily loop through the bundle in one fell swoop.

lavlilacs bags reorganizing

lavlilacs bags reorganizing

A good long stare at my closet as a whole gave me an idea to the storage problem: doors. All that free space that was going unused! If only I could somehow hang all the bags up without damaging the doors in any way. I toyed with the idea of getting Command hooks. But decided against it in case they weren't strong enough and they definitely weren't the most affordable option.

Luckily, The Container Store was having a sale at the time and I was able to find 2 different over-the-door organization contraptions that fit what I was looking for. Both made use of a space that previously was unused and made it ridiculously easy to see and grab the bag I needed. The Chain Purse Organizer was perfect for my handbags, while the Door Hook was perfect for my book bags.

Set up for both organizers were quick and simple. All that was needed were my hands, a stool/ladder, and the contraption itself. The only thing I wish I had double-checked on was the width of my closet doors. I lucked out with the Door Hook organizer because it came with 2 sets of different sized hooking mechanisms. However, I had to push my luck a little, literally, with the Chain Purse Organizer as the included hooks were just a tad small for my doors' thickness. Nothing a bit of force and slightly indented door edges couldn't fix.

So far I have ben really loving the current setup. It is perfect, for now.