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My Korea Diary series was supposedly completed two months ago with the TY giveaway. But I found a bunch of footage in my storage and remembered it was always my intentions to stitch something together with it, eventually. Keep in mind I am definitely no vlogger.

I finally mustering up the courage and time to look through hundreds of video clips and man does my video work need improvement. Two-thirds (if not more) of it was too shoddy to incorporate. In other words, shaky, moves from subjects too quickly, and just not very interesting. At least I can say I tried my best to condense 50 days worth of memories into something a little intriguing and quick to watch.

Basically to sum up all the posts I have made and the video...I learned a bunch of stuff during the study abroad (inside and out of the classroom). I saw a lot of different things and met many great friends from around the world while eating a ton of delicious and indulgent foods along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

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